6 Ways To Decorate Your Garden This Christmas

Many people seem to think Christmas is an indoors event and drop their festive spirit at the back door. This is such a shame because it is easy for any household to turn their outdoor space into a winter wonderland, so we have teamed up with the outdoor experts over at BillyOh.com to give you some simple but oh so brilliant tips on how to decorate your garden this Christmas.

For example, it might seem obvious, but a real Christmas tree actually belongs outside, so to get started, find some waterproof decorations and put one up on the patio too.

Lights, lanterns, tinsel, decorative apples and wreaths can also all work outdoors – if you’ve never got creative for Christmas before, now is the perfect time to start.

Without further ado, here are six tips for getting your garden ready for the festive season:

1. Put up a Christmas tree

Most Brits will have a prominent Christmas tree in their homes this winter, complete with all the usual decorations, but why not stand one in the garden too? The outdoors is a tree’s natural home after all.

A freshly cut, potted Christmas tree placed on a lawn or patio is the perfect centrepiece for a festive backyard – just remember to only attach waterproof decorations and definitely no little chocolates.

2. Drape tinsel like bunting

Made from plastic or shredded metal, tinsel should be able to resist the worst of the British weather this winter and could be hung about the outside of the house, along fences or around garden ornaments.

3. Light it up!

Waterproof Christmas lights are perfect for wrapping around any trees or substantial bushes in festive gardens, whilst a specifically purchased light-up Santa ornament or two could be ideal for dark evenings.

Keep it tasteful though – an obnoxious army of bright neon reindeer on the lawn will annoy the neighbours and make the garden look tacky this Christmas.

4. Hang a wreath

Many households will hang a festive wreath on the front door or in the porch, but hanging one on the back door, shed or another garden building too could also bring a touch of Christmas to your backyard.

5. Get crafty

Tie ribbons or burlap around railings, hang hand-made paper snowflakes in garden-facing windows, make seasonal topiary or collect pinecones and evergreen branches for conservatories, cabins and playhouses.

6. Build a snowman

Most Brits dream of a white Christmas, so if it snows during the festive period, make sure to take advantage by building a snowman.

If there is no snow, a fake snowman (made of a metal frame and fabrics or other materials) can also be purchased or created and prove a classy Christmas garden decoration.

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