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Are you gearing up for motherhood? Expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet in no time? Whilst undoubtedly much of your focus is on your baby right now, it’s also important that expectant mums take adequate time out of their day to enjoy a little ‘me time’. To unwind from the day and ensure you’re having enough relaxation, pregnancy isn’t always easy after all! It doesn’t just stop at those expecting either, mums are superheroes in our eyes, their job is never finished and sometimes you just need an hour to yourself with no interruption (remember what that feels like?).

Clear an evening in your diary, run yourself a relaxing bubble bath, light your favourite candles, play your favourite tunes on Spotify and enjoy a delicious cup of HotTea Mama! Designed by two mothers, this range of pregnancy and maternity teas is the gift that mums truly want! Did you know their Morning Sickness blend recently won an award? The range of caffeine-free herbal infused teas are designed to support women through their pregnancies and into breastfeeding and motherhood.

Whether you’re treating yourself or purchasing as a gift for a new mum-to-be, these teas can be enjoyed by everyone! Caffeine‑free doesn’t have to mean taste free and the HotTea Mama team know how important it is to look after your nutrition when pregnant.

The range includes teas to aid morning sickness, teas to help with an energy boost and teas to help you unwind and enjoy a better night sleep!

Morning Rescue

This tea is a real tummy soother, the blend of lemongrass, ginger root, verbena and mint is ideal for newly pregnant women. If you’re suffering with morning sickness (we all get it, even Kate Middleton) then this is the perfect tea for you. Enjoy with your morning granola and fresh fruit to make the AM that bit easier.

Get Up and Glow

Your exercise routine doesn’t have to stop when you get pregnant, you just have to make it work for you. For a boost that doesn’t involve caffeine, we’d recommend the Get Up and Glow combination of tropical fruit, grapes, hibiscus and rosehip. When you need that extra bit of energy, this tea will be your best friend.

The Final Push

This gorgeous combination of raspberry leaf and peppermint helps women with the final stages of their pregnancy, and preparation for when the baby comes. An ideal baby shower gift for mums that are soon to pop! Oh and did we mention that it’s delicious?

Milks Up

For mums that have gone down the breastfeeding route, this tea is just wonderful! Designed to support your milk supply, each pyramid is packed with fenugreek, fennel, anise, nettle and rosemary to support a Mother’s milk supply. It’s an essential best enjoyed with plenty of chocolate, promise!

Night Owl

Although you might not be getting all that much sleep with a newborn, the Night Owl tea is designed to aid your sleep and relaxation. The calming mix of lavender, camomile and limeflowers works wonders for busy women who are struggling to switch off at night when rest is oh so needed! Calm your body and soothe your soul with this fantastic blend.

Not only are these teas absolutely brilliant at supporting mothers from the early stages of pregnancy and into motherhood, they’re also environmentally friendly with biodegradable packaging. As well as this each tea pyramid is proudly blended in the UK rather than overseas because let’s face it, no-one make a cup of tea quite like the British!

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