Luxury Toilet Hire For Your Next Big Event

When you really want to impress your guests, then nothing but the best will do. However, it can be tempting to economise on the most basic luxuries and cut corners when it comes to hiring a loo for your do. If you want your big event to create the right kind of impression, here’s why only luxury toilet hire is the savvy choice for your next big event.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Whatever the event, whether it’s a fairytale wedding, a corporate meet and greet or a significant birthday, your guests all share the same basic needs. If your outdoor venue is a long walk from indoor facilities then it can be unreasonable to expect your guests to use them, much less queue for them, when you can provide a luxury toilet within easy reach. Hiring a top of the range toilet is an easy way to show your guests you care about their comfort during the time they’re at your event. If you want to make a great impression on your corporate clients or leave your guests with happy memories then go the extra mile and invest in luxury toilet hire.

Clean And Hygienic

When you’ve spent so much time and effort getting even the smallest detail right, why compromise on toilet hire? Most of us have horror stories about the state of hire toilets at events we’ve attended so why run the risk of leaving your guests with a terrible and lasting memory? Hiring luxury toilets like these with their spacious separate cubicles and wash stations show that you care about your guests’ health and hygiene and you’re prepared to go the extra mile to create a clean and pleasant experience when they need the loo.

Look Good, Smell Good

Luxury toilets look smart on the outside and the inside, too. There’s nothing utilitarian about the fixtures or decor either which often resemble those available in a chic hotel. And fully equipped luxury toilets will smell good and offer that extra level of comfort with features like strip curtains for privacy. Add some luxury toiletries for your guests and bespoke touches like fresh flowers and discreet scent diffusers and you’ll make every trip to the toilet one to be enjoyed.

Location, Location, Location

Even though a luxury loo can look good enough to take centre stage, you’ll want to site your luxury toilets somewhere they are accessible yet out of sight. For extra accessibility and privacy look for features like LED lighting strips on the access steps for safe evening use, and always hire luxury toilets with lockable separate cubicles for male and female guests.

Respect The Environment

Opting for the luxury choice doesn’t mean your toilets will have a bigger impact on the environment. Look for hire companies that have made the investment in new technologies like energy-saving LED lighting and grey water flush systems which are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than vacuum systems or chemical flushing. If your company has a sustainability policy, then eco-friendly luxury toilet hire is not only more comfortable but in line with your company ethos as well.

Opt For Luxury

Long length mirrors, high-quality ceramics, gleaming chrome are not images you normally associate with hired toilets. And that’s exactly why you need to treat your guests to luxury toilet hire. When you’ve paid attention to the finer details to make your event an overwhelming success, providing toilets with all the comfort of the most stylish indoor loo is the smart thing to do!

Krysta Jakson

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