5 Ways to Make Your Dog Feel Special This Winter

5 ways to make your dog feel special this winter


We’re a nation of dog-lovers. So much so that when Christmas rolls around we’re just as likely to buy presents for them as we are for our family members. With nine out of ten owners treating their pet to a pressie and a third choosing to spend more on their pet than their mother-in-law, we can see that pet-gifting is a serious business. Over winter it’s nice to show our dogs as much love as everyone else, so here are our ideas on how to make them feel extra special.

5 ways to make your dog feel special this winter

Give their bed a makeover

If you have a dog that casts a lot of hair such as a Sheepdog or a Border Collie, you’re probably reluctant to let them snuggle up next to you on the sofa. If you’re feeling generous this year, why not let them get cosy with this Fleece Sofa Protector  which acts as a barrier between them and your sofa. It’s easy to move around the house and can be used as a normal bed on the floor too. The extendable flap covers the front of your sofa to prevent damage and allows your dog to stretch out fully when used as a traditional bed.

Get them a little more exercise

Don’t forget to keep up your walking schedule to keep your four-legged friend happy. If your dog isn’t fond of the cold weather but still needs a fair bit of exercise, why not try out this indoor Tennis Ball Launcher? After you’ve trained him how to use it he can have up to 30 hours of fun chasing balls and returning them to the launcher without any human intervention required.

Make playtime more fun

If you’re worried about your pooch feeling neglected over the festive period when the house is filled with guests, why not treat them to their own Activity Snack Roll which should keep them occupied for a while. Simply insert a few treats or dry food and with a rolling motion, the snacks fall out of the openings again and reward your dog for their effort. The degree of difficulty can be changed and is regulated by three removable bars. This toy is particularly good for older dogs who are less able physically but still love to play.

Play music

We can’t be the only ones who leave the radio on to keep our dogs company when they’re home alone, surely? Well lucky for us, recent research has given us tips on exactly what tunes they like to hear over the festive period. Nick Jones, expert Pet Behaviourist, states: “In our experiment, we used The Panasonic and Pet Plan Monitoring Kit to play a canine panel a selection of Christmas songs, whilst recording and analysing their responses. They showed a clear preference for Christmas carols over current day popular festive hits, suggesting that for dogs, a traditional, full, classical melody is considered more pleasurable than the more synthetic sound of modern Christmas tunes. So, if you’re a dog owner, it might be worth bearing this in mind when selecting songs for your festive soundtrack!”

Watch over them

If you regularly find yourself wondering what your lovable little pet gets up to whilst you’re at work all day, then why not invest in the latest technology and find out? The Panasonic and Pet Plan Smart Home Monitoring Kit includes an indoor camera allowing you to watch their movements from your smartphone or tablet.  It also boasts an in-built temperature sensor, night vision and a Smart Plug which can be remotely activated to turn on a radio, lamp, portable heater or fan to help keep pets comfortable in your absence. Additionally, door sensors allow you to monitor when the dog-walker enters and leaves the home.

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