Mother’s Day Treats From Villeroy & Boch

Mother’s Day treats from Villeroy & Boch

Mother's Day treats from Villeroy & Boch

There’s something absolutely powerful about the mothers in our lives. They revel in far too little fanfare and they gave us life in so many more ways than one. To think they have only one day every year to celebrate all that they do has always seemed strange to me but still. But since they’re our mothers, we often wonder what exactly we should get them. We all seem to struggle to find the perfect gift to her because often, there’s not one thing that captures her perfectly. Luckily, we have a few ideas to treat mother(s) in your life perfectly.

1. Breakfast & Prosecco in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast and a little adult beverage delivered to the cosiest spot in your home-your bed? It’s a great way to start mother’s day off right. Especially if it’s delivered on a fancy tray complete with a great glass.

2. Fresh Flowers Delivered Straight From The Market

Forgot to get something for your mum? Needed flowers yesterday? No fear and bring in Petal & Cycle. They can deliver fresh flowers to your door via bicycle in 90 minutes and for as little as £28. Plus, they’re stunning arrangements.

3. Afternoon Tea at The Park

Either bring some yourself or go to high tea at Hyde Park. Either way, make sure you have pretty tea cups at the ready, especially if they’re the ones from the Villeroy & Boch line. There’s even a kettle available. Perfect for tea in the park.

Whether you choose to utilise these gifts or not, be sure to remember Mother’s Day this year is March 15th. True, this reminder is in advance, but better to start prepping now in case something runs out of stock or you leave it to the last minute. Have fun and make this day special for your mum. She deserves it.

Dana Zillgitt

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