Happiness is a Decluttered Wardrobe

Happiness is a decluttered wardrobe


Does anyone else feel like all the contents of their cupboard will tumble out when they open the door? Do you wonder if you’ll ever have that perfect capsule wardrobe? Or why can’t we find that favourite top when we want it?! Here goes…

Be ruthless! Empty everything from your wardrobe and chest of drawers and then sort your clothes into four piles:

1. Keep
2. Mend & dry clean
3. Maybe
4. Chuck & charity shop

If an item hasn’t seen the light of day for six months, if it’s threadbare or you didn’t wear it last winter it’s time for it to go! After you’ve sorted into four piles do a second edit and go through the maybe pile again to reduce.

MEND or take any clothes that need it to the dry cleaners. All your favourite pieces should be ready to wear so they don’t stay lurking in the back of the wardrobe!

SPRUCE your chest of drawers and wardrobe by giving them a wipe down and hoover before putting clothes back in.

ORGANISE your wardrobe with chunky items such as winter coats at the end of the rail. And then order clothes by length. Group tops, skirts, dresses and trousers together and then arrange by colour. This tip will make it much easier to find pieces and pair outfits together.

GET RID of any extra coat hangers you’re not using as they just create clutter! And try not to double up on hangers as the items underneath often get forgotten about.

CREATE more wardrobe space by bagging up any summer clothes or special pieces you don’t wear very often. Storage boxes and zip bags are really handy, especially if you have under-bed space for squirrelling things away. Make sure clothes are clean when you put them away and add some lavender bags, they smell great and keep pesky moths away.

STORE t-shirts and tops in drawers by rolling them up and placing them in a line rather than stacked one on top of the other. That way you’ll be able to see your clothes more easily and nothing will be left at the bottom of the pile.

INDIVIDUAL organisers help to separate socks and undies eliminating the morning rummage. And throw out any old bobbly tights or ones with holes!

TAKE any shoes that need re-heeling or repairing to the cobbler. And retire the ones that you don’t wear anymore (yes, including that ancient pair of trainers!). Add a shoe rack to the bottom of your wardrobe or compartment hangers are handy for taking up less room too.

HELLO old friend, there’s my favourite top! Ahhhh that’s better, give yourself a pat on the back for having a good blitz.

Now where to start on the rest of the house?! Here are some more handy storage ideas…

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Low wire loaf home

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Charlotte Giver

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