Baby Photography Top Tips

Baby Photography Top Tips

Capture images similar to the pictures taken by the Duchess of Cambridge of Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte photographs by Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Lately, we haven’t been able to stop scrolling through the astonishingly adorable photos of our favorite royal family – particularly the most recent photographs taken by the Duchess of Cambridge of Princess Charlotte. The Duchess, Kate Middleton, took photos of her daughter at six months, illuminating that gorgeous smile in all its youthful glory. Such cuteness! And for newborn photographer Bedford contact Danielle Bustamante Photography.

Princess Charlotte photographs taken by Kate Middleton

It can be tough for headshots and parents to capture similar images when it comes to photographing their little ones. It always feels a lot more personal to take the photographs yourself, but it can be tough to get the photo just right! Ion Paciu, founder and tutor at Photoion Photography School, shared some of his top tips with Your Coffee Break on taking photos of young children.


First, lighting. Seems obvious, right? Recognizing your lighting is vital for any good photo. Keep in mind where the light is coming from and speculate any available sources of light including windows, lamps.


The experts from Ignite Images Event Photography suggests preparing in advance, as kids are unreliable during moments of a photo shoot and this are prime moments to grab brilliant candid shots of your little one in their element. Odds are you will only get one chance to capture your little one playing or doing something hilarious or funny, when you say do that again or one more time for the camera, they obviously won’t.

Capture more than just the obvious 

Capture the real moments. The posed photos don’t end up in frames, but rather the gems of your child looking up at you for a quick moment or the moment they laugh at their toy.  Be aware of the surroundings, wait and be patient and capture the real moments just like princess Charlotte is playing with her toy dog. No need to go for the obvious shots when it comes to capturing the essence of your baby.

Keep it simple

Just like the Duchess of Cambridge, you don’t need a lot going on in the background. Keep the focus on your little one and possibly crop the image to remove any distractions.

Zoom in

Finally, zoom in to capture the little things. Capture tiny fingers and chubby little toes. Shoot the way she holds your hand, smiles as she sleeps and laughs out loud with a gummy smile.

Take in these precious moments and take them close for another lovely image to last a lifetime.

When it comes to growing up, kids are quick to move from each stage of their life – and they truly grow up so fast! Take a moment to capture images of them at each age, throughout their childhood, starting from the beginning. Preparing for some stunning photos will allow both of you to appreciate the photographs even more down the road – and what great new ways to décor your walls!

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