Four Ways to Throw a Candyfloss-Cute Slumber Party

Four ways to throw a candyfloss-cute slumber party

Dirty Work

We’re all good at a lazy Friday night. We drag ourselves back home to our housemates after a long week, and having picked up a reduced-aisle pizza on the way home we throw on whichever sweats happen to be closest. We settle in to watch whatever happens to be on TV. Apart from perhaps wandering back to the kitchen for a sharing size bag of Kettle Chips at some point, that’ll be that for the evening.

It’s time to stop absent-mindedly settling for second best. Remember super-sweet sleepovers you used to have with all your giggling girls as a kid? Let’s bring them back…!

Dirty Work

Dirty Work

Invite your girlfriends over, because Friday nights are about to get fun and frivolous again. This is how to throw the most epic of candyfloss-cute slumber parties.

1. Beautify your boudoir

‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring’, screen siren Marilyn Monroe once said. Amen, sister. When it comes to beautifying your boudoir for the ultimate sugary sweet slumber party, more is definitely more. Don’t be afraid to go over the top. If there was ever a time to dig out and string up all the Christmas fairy lights, scatter your entire back catalogue of Vogue magazines across the table, and burn more fragrant aromatherapy candles than a five star spa, it’s now. An abundance of candyfloss coloured cushions and soft furnishings is vital; your girly guests must feel able to both lounge or dance on any surface at any given moment.

2. Provide food and drink to fuel gossip and giggles

Not to take you too far out of your Friday night food comfort zone, the pizza can stay. So that you’re bouncing off the walls (it’s ok, that’s what all the soft furnishings are for) stock up on all the sugary sweets you were only ever allowed on special occasions as a kid. You’re an adult now, you can do whatever you want, and in this case that means eating chocolate buttons, strawberry laces and popcorn for dinner. The more adventurous host can provide baked goods. The heavenly smells of chunky chocolate chip cookies and lemon drizzle cake lingering teasingly in the air will only add to the ambience. Pre-slice fresh fruits and set up a cocktail station making Cosmos and Martinis to fuel gossip long in to the early hours.

3. Kit yourself out in candy coloured clothes

With fashion houses pushing out the latest box cuts, boyfriend jeans and androgynous styles, your slumber party is the place to throw a big pink glitter-bomb back in to the world. Kitting you out from head to toe in perfect pastel goodness, Dirty Work’s SS15 collection is exactly what we’re talking about. Original illustrations ranging from fairies to flowers to angel wings adorn lace-edged shorts and liquid silver skirts, the silky softness of quality fabrics giving you the delicious feeling you get as you slip on something sexy. Love and embrace your inner girly-girl by popping on some princess socks – we’re not going to tell you how we know, but they’re perfect for dancing round your bedroom to Taylor Swift in.

4. Present treats to take home

The potential to be remembered as the most epic of slumber party hosts lies in the party bag. Once a given, you’re now more likely to leave a girlfriend’s house with a Berocca and a banging headache than a Barbie and a slice of birthday cake. In the morning, fill a little bag with lovingly wrapped leftover baked goods, polaroid pictures of the night before, and personalised pink crop tops, screen printed and sewn differently for each guest. If you can wade through the sea of fluffy blankets, deliver with a side of croissants and cappuccinos as the girls are waking up. Breakfast in bed, a party bag and a perfect brew – what better way to start the weekend!

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