Gym Essentials to Kick Start a Healthy Autumn

Gym essentials to kick start a healthy Autumn

Here at Your Coffee Break, we are all aiming to score that A-lister look when hitting the gym this Autumn. (who doesn’t love seeing pics of Hollywood celebs like Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in their workout clothes?) So to make sure we’re all ready to head to the gym looking chic and sporty, we’ve put together a celeb-inspired gym kit with all of our must-have essentials to kick off a healthy fall.

To create our kit, we have joined forces with our friends over at Athena Endurance to find fitness accessories that will make us feel like a workout goddess going to and from the gym. With all the different gym items out there, we look around to find what you absolutely need to get into gear this Autumn and create a healthy lifestyle.

First things first, we need somewhere to put all of our workout gear so we’re not left scrambling to carry everything we need into the gym with us. We’d use this multi-colored travel bag to hold everything from a change of clothes to an extra set of hair ties. To complete our going-to-the-gym look, we’d also grab a clear, portable mason jar that’s perfect for bringing your healthiest smoothie on the go. Just throw some fruit, ice and water together, and you’re off to workout with a perfect snack in hand!

Athena Endurance

The trickier part is figuring out what exactly to wear so that you’re comfortable and ready to sweat but you still look acceptable walking around in public. Starting with the basics, a color-blocked sports bra looks cute peeking out under a loose tank or even a loosely zipped up jacket. And on chillier days, grab a colorful, fitted hoodie that will still look good even after you leave the gym. Throw on a matching pair of patterned leggings (find something that’s fun but not too over-the-top!) and a neon sneaker to complete the look. Wearing colour to the gym is so much more fun than a typical black-on-black ensemble, and a fun outfit will make you even more motivated to consistently workout all throughout Autumn.

colourful sports bra

But no gym look is complete without a high tech fitness wristband that will help you keep track of your daily exercise. We’re loving this bright orange Jawbone that sneakily looks like a bracelet but will really keep you on top of your game during a workout sesh. And to make sure you’re not misplacing your valuable positions (like your new tech band!), we’d bring along one of these zip-up gym towels that provides a place to store everything from your phone to your wallet to your keys. No more scrambling through your bag hoping and praying that you didn’t lose your things. Plus, who really trusts gym lockers anyway?

And while all these sporty and functional workout accessories are great, it’s also nice to be able to enter or leave the gym looking a little more polished than normal. To add some spice to your look, without going over the top, we’d first thrown on a chic pair of sunglasses. You need them anyway and they will always add an air of mystery to anything you’re wearing. (Plus, you can store them in your zip-up towel once you’re at the gym!) And if a nylon gym bag just isn’t your thing, you can always toss your gym essentials into a gorgeous structured black tote and call it day. It still gets the job done but you’ll look way more fashionable in the process.

What are your gym essentials? How do you plan on starting a healthy Autumn? Let us know in the comments below!

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