Getting Married This Year? Meet Jenny Sinclair Of Bellaboo And Beau

Getting married this year? Meet Jenny Sinclair of Bellaboo and Beau

He surprised you this Christmas and popped the question. You have the perfect man and the perfect ring. Now it’s time for the perfect wedding. Always dreamed of walking down a rose petal strewn isle or being greeted at your reception by hundreds of candles glowing like fireflies? We have found the lady that can make that happen.

Meet Jenny Sinclair, Artistic Director of the creative and quirky Bellaboo and Beau, the go-to place for couples who want to wow guests at their wedding. Jenny and her team take the best bits of each couple and make sure they shine through on their special day, and they are having a great time doing it! Be it a large traditional wedding with a three layer cake or an intimate unconventional wedding with a croquembouche, Bellaboo and Beau will make sure it’s a day you and your guests will always remember.

With an incredible database ranging from vintage props to designers and venues, Jenny has worked with all kinds of brides. Some have ideas and are not sure how to make them happen, some have no ideas and need complete help, and others need a push in the right direction. But her favourite kinds of brides to work with are those who give her a few ideas then allow her to run with them. “Almost all of my ideas are original ones and although some may be inspired by other trends, they are always created bespoke for my couples.” Jenny says. If couples are unsure about what services they need, if any, they can take a look at the Bellaboo and Beau styling flow chart.

Jenny’s services are broken down into sections. One of her favourite props to use in weddings is lights. They create the atmosphere without breaking the bank. “Past a certain time, have the main lights turned off and dance, drink and party under a sky of stars.” The wedding stylist advises. Use concoction of fairy lights, lanterns, and faux tea lights. Wedding fires are not fun, unless it’s fireworks so Jenny always recommends using faux candles. Any pictures your guests take will have a magical effect too. No need for an Instagram filter!

Worried about how you’ll look in your wedding photos? Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life so there’s a chance you will feel nervous – especially in front of the camera. Jenny and her team will be there to make sure your special day is absolutely stress-free and that you’re relaxed and keeping a good posture so that you can put your best face forward. The best wedding photos are ones where the couples look relaxed and happy. “We all have imperfections and that is what makes us, us.” Jenny says.

As for the groom, there is nothing worse than having a tie that’s too tight or blisters from new shoes. It will show on his face and in the wedding photos. Jenny’s advice for grooms is to simply enjoy the moment, relax and make sure your bride knows how beautiful she is. Being comfortable is key to scoring your special day. Delegate jobs to people who are keen to help out. If great aunt Eileen wants to bake you a cake, let her! It will make her feel like she played a special part in your big day and it is something you can cross off your list. This, in turn, will free up time for you to actually enjoy your day.

For anyone who is planning a wedding this year, we asked Jenny what the bridal trends are for Spring/Summer 2015. “We have had a few years of vintage chintz and pale colours so now I am expecting bold prints and straight lines for a while.” Some old favorites, metallics and paper decorations, will also stick around. Last year it was copper and gold but this year, silver will come back into play to cut through the flat colours and add a bit of elegant sparkle.

2014 was a successful year for the team at Bellaboo and Beau and their hard work paid off in the form of winning The Wedding Industry Award for Best Venue Stylist in London & South East. Jenny was in the running with nine others. “I was completely shocked. The walk up onto the stage and the half an hour that followed is all a bit of an adrenalin-fuelled blur!”. She is now gearing up for Nationals which will be held in London on January 15th.

Photo courtesy of: Alan Harbord

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