Get Focused: 10 Ways To Focus On What Matters Most In The New Year

Get focused: 10 ways to focus on what matters most in the New Year

Get focused in 2015

With a new year comes a new opportunity to get focused on what really matters. If you make one resolution this year, make it this one: to spend your time on things that are truly worthwhile. This means eliminating more things from your life that matter least, and focusing on the things that are important to you.

What matters?

Decide on what you want to pursue this year – at work, at home, in your community. Choose a vital few things that will make a difference that matters to you, so you know where to focus your effort and commit your energy.

Cut out distractions.

Choose when you take calls and when to use voicemail. Choose when to check your email (the time of the day when you are at your best) and when to leave it (often early to mid-morning).  Decline meetings that have little value or no clear agenda. Turn off alerts from LinkedIn, Faceboo, Quora, Twitter, Instagram and news.

Plan your week and your day.

End each week by reviewing the outcomes you want for the next week. Then schedule the main activities into chunks of your days ahead. End each day by scheduling tomorrow’s vital activities around fixed commitments – and make those activities into new commitments.

Keep things in order.

If you cleared your inbox, tidied your workspace, and got up to date on your admin before the holidays… well, that’s fabulous! Now keep it that way.

Know your distractions.

Make a list of all the time bandits that steal your time by interrupting or distracting you. Once you have consciously made a list (put it in your notebook  and mark the page), you will be better able to resist their seductions.

Let it flow.

You will enjoy your work, hobbies, social and volunteering activities more when you give them everything you have. Set yourself demanding targets, constantly track your progress, and have a clear purpose in mind before you start.

Do it now.

There are lots of tips to avoid procrastination. The simple fact is that they all amount to ways to help you to exert your will over your desire. If it matters, choose a technique and get on with it.

Recharge, refuel, reflect.

Focus takes effort. So set time aside to recharge your batteries with good quality rest, relaxation and recreation. Also keep your diet in tune with your desire to focus: good quality food, savoured and enjoyed. Finally, take time to reflect on what you are achieving and learning as you go. Reflection and mindfulness are the route to serenity and wisdom.

Let’s get started, it is not necessarily a short journey.

By: Mike Clayton