4 Reasons To Never Be Late

4 reasons to never be late

reasons to never be late for work

Sure, sometimes you run late. Your alarm doesn’t go off, you spill coffee on yourself, it happens. But recently, we’ve noticed a pattern of lateness among our friends and coworkers, and we don’t want it to become a trend (this isn’t Spain!). Here are a few reasons why we hate being late and hate waiting for late people.

1. Lateness is selfish.

When you’re late, you’re essentially telling the other person that your time is more important than their time. Basically, you’re stealing their time.

2. Lateness shows your lack of personal discipline.

An always-punctual person shows they’re detail-oriented and organized. An always-late person proves they’re not. It’s sloppy.

3. Lateness gives you anxiety.

You’ll fudge your lipstick, get road rage, and forget to feed the meter. Give yourself a few more minutes to get to your destination and you’ll arrive cool, calm, and collected.

4. Because of technology.

Yes, lateness does happen, but failing to notify someone of your lateness is inexcusable. Text, call, or email as soon as you know you’ll be late and offer a ballpark of when you’ll arrive. Hint: don’t say you’re parking when you’re still ten minutes away.

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