Corporate Event Planning: Decor Ideas For Your Next Product Launch

Corporate event planning: decor ideas for your next product launch

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In the corporate world, business events and product launches can make or break future revenue. But how exactly do you prep for a winning product launch? And how do you choose the right decor that will make corporate events successful? To answer some of our questions on the topic we talked to Nicole Simunac, founder and principal planner of Bisou Events.

Nicole Simunac may have one of the most exciting jobs ever! This go-getter always dreamt of launching her own event planning business and after years of managing events for a major retailer in Canada, Nicole finally took the leap and started the company Bisou Events; a full-service event planning studio that can help you plan pretty much everything from large-scale corporate events to intimate, private affairs. As sole proprietor Nicole’s workload can seem daunting at times but she makes her job look effortless. Nicole balances her work by calling on a team of freelancers and former colleagues to brainstorm ideas and help alleviate some of her workload when needed.

As an event planner, no workday looks the same. When this business owner is not executing an event, she meets with new clients and explores new vendors. On working with new brands, Nicole tells us that some of the first things she asks her clients are 1) what is their one main objective and 2) what is their ideal outcome. Nicole finds prepping for product launches energizing; the introduction of something new to the market gives her the challenge she needs for producing a dynamic and stunning event.

Nicole Simunac of Bisou Events

Inspired by our meeting with Nicole Simunac, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you decide on the right decor for your next product launch.

1. Set goals.

In order to host a successful event, we must establish a set of goals. What is your objective for this product launch? Determining the answers to these fundamental questions will guide you in deciding on the interior decor. Ask yourself these questions: 

1. Who is the target audience?

2. What is our one key objective?

3. What is our ideal outcome?

2.  Plan, plan, plan. 

When it comes to marketing a new product, timing is critical. Plan everything in detail from what day of the week you’re thinking of throwing the event, to the time of day, to ensuring there are no other major conflicting events going on in the marketplace at the same time. Consider how you want to attract your customers to your event and what competition you have within the marketplace. Strengthen your turnout rate by planning the event at a convenient time for your target audience.

3. Establish a budget. 

Nicole notes that establishing a budget is vital. The budget needs to be adhered to when choosing the venue, corporate event rentals, food and beverage choices, and other entertainment options. You can always find chic decor on a smaller budget, but it’s important to decide when to splurge and when to save. For example, if there’s one thing Nicole says she never skimps on, it’s linens. Paper napkins are an absolute no in her book, no matter the occasion.

4. Deciding on a venue. 

Choosing the right venue is key. “The venue should align with objectives, reflect the right mood, be the right size to hold the desired number of guests, [and] have the required facilities to execute the event.” Nicole tells us. The venue location needs to be exciting for the attendees, but also convenient. If the venue is a newer one or not in an obvious location, provide guests with directions and/or transportation options.

5. Product comes first. 

Let the elements of an event complement the product rather than overshadow it. One of Nicole’s tips to choosing the right decor for a product launch is to come up with three words that best describe the product and use those words as [your] inspiration.

Are your key words edgy, sexy, and bold? Use dark purple and lace details to set a romantic, yet edgy feel. Or maybe your brand and product is sophisticated, modern, and smart. Let the decor reflect just that with an elegant style and simple details.

6. Color schemes.

A commitment to a colour palette should enhance and complement the product. Use lighter colours for a formal event or play with one bright pop of colour for a splash of fun. One colour can make a bold statement, such as a large grouping of balloons. Pick a solid white or red for flowers with a dash of greenery, whatever’s in season.

Lighting should match the colour scheme. Dim the lights and add simple candles for a more sophisticated ambience. Play around with your options in the venue too, to create the mood you want to achieve.

The secret to leaving a lasting impression is in the details. In the words of Nicole, “focus on the product, your purpose for the launch, and revel in the details that will make your event memorable. Giving careful thought to the small things will make your event a success!”

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