Boss Of The Boardroom: Standard Drawers

Boss of the Boardroom: Standard Drawers

Boss of the Boardroom: Standard Drawers

Confidently driven at work and effortlessly elegant at play: a woman we all aspire to be. Unfortunately we don’t always wake up feeling like a superwoman on the inside, so for the days when you need a little help to be the boss in the boardroom look to Standard Drawers and these workwear staples to act as your cape. (Hint: it isn’t necessarily the power suit!)

The teddy

Standard Drawers

Throwing back the curtains, sunlight streaming in, each morning arrives so full of promise and exciting possibility. On throwing open the wardrobe however, panic can set in. Too many possibilities present themselves; too many potential outfit combinations can perplex even the most intelligent brains so early in the morning. Where to start? With a teddy.

Standard Drawers owner Jenette Coduto was tired of wasting valuable time rummaging through her lingerie drawer for a matching bra and knickers each morning: ‘I wanted a simpler start to the morning and lingerie that was effortless, elegant, and comfortable.’ With lingerie dilemmas a distant memory, the most difficult decision you’ll have to make each morning will be whether to have your coffee black or white.

Not only will opting for an all in one teddy mean your otherwise hectic day starts calmly, it’ll also physically make you stand taller, giving you an air of confidence regardless of how you really feel inside. The teddy provides comfort and light support for an entire torso lift’, Jenette explains. A streamlined silhouette speaks volumes – no chance of a cami riding up above your waistline and shattering your air of self-assurance here!   

An extremely versatile first layer, the teddy can easily take you from boardroom to bistro to bedroom. (Remember Kate Moss rocking one under a sheer dress at Mario Testino’s birthday party?) ‘Pair it with a jumpsuit, a jersey dress, just lounging around the house…or let your teddy peek through a sheer blouse to show off your feminine side!’

The hold ups 

Why, we sometimes wonder, should we care so much about the elements of our outfits that the world can’t even see? Why spend precious money on underwear and hosiery when we could spend it on a necklace so dazzling everyone will be talking about it (and, by association, us)? I think you should always use your best. Don’t save your pretty underwear for date night and don’t save your expensive perfume just for the evening. I think little things make all the difference’, Jenette implores, and we have to say she’s turned us to her way of thinking!

From now on we’ll be investing in the seemingly small details like a sumptuously silky pair of hold ups. Sure, the scrutinising eyes of those sitting in the boardroom won’t see the luxurious lace finish hugging your thighs, but they will see the confidence and charisma it instils in you. Don’t underestimate the ability of beautiful underwear to make you feel like the powerful and poised woman you want to be.

The skirt 

Often considered to be a staple of the power suit, the right skirt can make a woman look and feel like the ultimate #girlboss. With so many styles to choose from a skirt is the best way to have fun with an outfit whilst dressing appropriately for your working day: go playful with a skater skirt for coffee with a client today, tomorrow opting for a sleek and sophisticated pencil skirt for that nerve-wracking presentation.

The one thing that can spoil the skirt? The wrong underwear. There’s no point showing off your pins in old holey hosiery, and you don’t need us to tell you that a visible panty line will cheapen even the most expensive sheer midi. Jenette suggests always inspecting the elastic trim when buying new underwear. ‘I prefer no elastic rather than the traditional elastic with picot edge’, she confides; it can dig and pinch, ruining the shape of a skirt.

The blazer  

No power suit is complete without a blazer. This is not a mere jacket to throw on when the air con kicks in in the boardroom; a blazer will structure your silhouette, holding your shoulders back and strong and allowing you to command the room. An unflattering fit can do the opposite for both your figure and your posture so don’t be afraid to try a number of cuts and colours before buying. To project our best selves, we want to pair our blazer with a silk blouse and to feel extra powerful, we turn to Standard Drawers and their teddy in peaches & cream.

The statement bag 

Talking about Standard Drawers lingerie Jenette explains that ‘one of our strongest beliefs is that elegance and practicality shouldn’t be exclusive’. We completely agree: a driven woman needs classiness and convenience in equal measures, from her underwear to her arm candy. For us, striking that perfect balance is most important when choosing a statement handbag for work. Large enough to fit a laptop, spare heels and the vital presentation notes you were up late working on, it also has to be made of such magnificent material that is drapes effortlessly from your arm despite the weight.

The accessories and the manicured nails 

You’re no doubt more than capable of acing a presentation and closing a deal with engaging eye contact and a sharp tongue alone, but adorning French manicured hands with shimmering accessories won’t hurt. Glancing down at a formidable chunky cuff and fingers dripping in gold will inspire you to gesticulate, strengthening the conviction of your words.

Armed with all these tools there’s only one thing left to do: ‘lift your arms above your head, clasp your hands with your index fingers pointing out, and thumbs crossing, then stretch up as high as you can, smile and sway slowly from side to side for about a minute. You’ll feel reenergized and ready to tackle anything!’

Get your power on with Standard Drawers! For more information, visit

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