What To Get The (Most Important) Man In Your Life For Christmas

What to get the (most important) man in your life for Christmas

Canine Royalty

Christmas is so close we can almost taste the turkey and hear the sleigh bells. What we also sense in the air is the palpable panic of women across the country who have still yet to find a present to buy the most important man in their lives. Ladies, pour yourself a large glass of mulled wine and relax, for we have found the ultimate solution to all your yuletide woes. This Christmas, wrap an iconic pea-coat, a classic puffer jacket and a Merino wool and cashmere blend sweater so cosy he’ll thank you with endless slobbery kisses. Throw in a couple of biscuits for extra wet nose nuzzling.

The most important man in any girl’s life is, of course, her dog: the faithful four-legged friend who provides more therapy, cuddles and exuberant fun than wine, a boyfriend and a credit card combined. Without a doubt on Santa Paws’ nice list, make sure you pamper your pooch this Christmas by treating him like Canine Royalty.

Considering the pet industry represents the 7th largest retail industry, there’s significant market potential for clothing and accessories brands in this category’, founder of Canine Royalty Erin Walsh tells us, ‘yet despite the demand, the vast majority of products to come out of this industry are cheaply made and focused on mass production’. This simply won’t do – only the best for our doggy darlings!

What to get the man in your life for Christmas

Just as we as human beings expect exceptional quality from our high end fashion, so too does Rover. Puppies are known for chewing through their human’s favourite jumpers. Have you ever wondered that this might be because he’s jealous of your garbs and if he can’t have them no one can? When he stands at your bedroom door making the most dreadfully deafening noise while you’re getting dressed might he perhaps be barking orders at you to buy him the snug sweater you’re slipping over your head?

Stepping on to the park’s freshly cut grass in a Canine Royalty jumper, your little man will be the talk of the town and envied by dogs and humans alike as Erin has created collections capable of standing up against some of the world’s best clothing labels. ‘I deliberately set out to work with designers and manufacturers who produced for established luxury brands for people rather than seeking out those in the pet industry. Our designer, for instance, worked for the Ralph Lauren collection and knew well how to create luxurious knitwear’. 

Canine RoyaltySo, which item to purchase for your precious pooch? ‘It depends on the dog and the location’, Erin explains, ‘in colder climates, there’s a functional consideration to add warmth while outside, so a quality jacket is important’. In this instance we suggest the Boston coat, which is Canine Royalty’s spin on the pea coat / puffer jacket.‘It will keep your dog warm while outside and ensure he’s looking fashionable.’  

‘I think for smaller to medium sized dogs it’s good to have a quality sweater that is preserved for those special occasions, like when company comes over or if you’re taking your dog out and about on the town.’ The blue cable stripe is a timeless classic made from the finest 100% cashmere. As stylish as it is cosy, this vibrant piece will set tongues and tails wagging.

If your dog is more of an understated elegance sort of guy, put the tan ribbed crew neck under the tree. The sumptuous tan sweater is an enduring staple designed to look effortlessly chic regardless of how long it’s been since the last trip to the grooming parlour.

Make sure to check the dog size guide on the website before buying. Both the Merino wool and cashmere sweaters stretch slightly to enable extra room, but if you’re the kind of soft owner who sneaks the left over turkey and stuffing to the dog when no one’s looking you might want to consider going up a size.

Disclaimer: we must warn you that buying a Canine Royalty item for your man this Christmas may result in a floor covered in excitable slobber and valuables broken by extreme wagging of tails. If you’re happy to risk the above, visit www.canineroyalty.com for hassle-free holiday with your hound.

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