The Perks Of Traveling Alone After College

The perks of traveling alone after college

traveling alone after college

There’s an idea that your college years will be the “best years of your life.” While college may be fun, it may be hard to top an adventure of your very own, without any rules. Traveling alone after college is one of the most enlightening and exciting experiences for many. For one, you’ll make some of the best memories during one of the most opportune decades in your life: your 20s. If that time is for you, then kick back and strap in. Here are our top perks for traveling alone after college.

See the world with no strings attached.

Sure, study abroad is nice. But traveling without any responsibilities is even nicer, right? Let’s face it: study abroad is still school, hence the term study. Now backpack abroad? We can get with that program. There is nothing quite like setting out on a journey without having to meet someone else’s agenda (well, except your own of course.) Setting yourself up for an awesome travel experience will give you a chance to wander for the simple joy of wandering, and nothing else.

Go at your pace.

Pretty shortly after you embark on your own adventure, you will realize all the times you have waited or been rushed in order to accommodate others. But traveling alone is the time to do things on your watch. If you feel like cruising the coast of California for five days straight, then guess what, you can do that. If you want to take lunch on the run, you can do that without having to feel slowed down. Spontaneity is key for amazing travel experiences, and you can make those decisions on your own on where you want to spend your time or not. The choice, and time, is yours.

Take a different route. 

We all have those friends who can’t fly, can’t travel via boat due to sea sickness, or can’t take some mode of transportation due to some limitation or fear. Well guess what? When you’re traveling alone, you can take any mode of transportation you want. And while this may not seem too much of a big deal, it can mean going anywhere you’d like and seeing a plethora of places you’ve always wanted to travel to. London to Instanbul? You can do that by train, from the Thames to the Bosphorus on a journey through Europe (seriously, Railbookers do great rail holidays!) And that’s just the beginning of what’s available.

Be alone with your thoughts.

Part of the joy of traveling by yourself is having the luxury of thinking to yourself as well. When in groups or with companions, we tend to talk a lot to fill in the silence. When you’re alone, you instead fill that silence with your own thoughts. Traveling alone is an incredible chance for self-reflection and refining your philosophies. Or maybe, you’ll discover that the unknowns of this great world run deep, and that’s okay, too. Having the time to think for yourself and by yourself will bring much more meaning to your travels, without the distractions of mundane life.

Learn the most about yourself.

You will get to know yourself extremely well from traveling on your own. What you really enjoy, what you don’t care for, what you can overcome, what you can do without, etc. Maybe you’ve learned that hostels are your favorite places to stay. Maybe you’ve come to see the world in a new light. Most importantly, you may realize how young you really are and want to take in all you possibly can. Embrace the moment, and be a part of it.

When it comes down to setting aside the time, the cash and the gumption to travel by yourself, remember one thing: you can’t buy adventure, you have to experience it. Traveling is one of the greatest gifts we could possibly imagine, and doing it alone can be an incredible time for self-discovery. We may be adults, but no one has to lose their sense of wonderment.

There’s a big gigantic world out there, so go discover it.

Sarah Arrazola

Sarah Arrazola is a communications professional in Miami, Fla. Her passions focus on Latin American issues, fine art and the digital age. In her spare time she enjoys aerial silks and traveling. As a young professional with experience in the PR industry, she's excited to share her thoughts with you on Your Coffee Break. Follow her on Twitter @sarah_arrazola