Our Secret To An Organised Home (And Mind!): You Need A Vicky

Our secret to an organised home (and mind!): You Need A Vicky

You Need A Vicky

Remember that New Years resolution you made? The one where you promised yourself you’d give your house a good spring declutter? Well if spring has passed you by and the clutter is still there, it sounds like You Need A Vicky. With the wait-list for her services quickly growing, we recommend you get in touch as soon as possible.

There’s no denying that the summer is here and it’s looking less and less likely that the boxes on your to-do list are going to get checked. It’s inevitable; you’re going to want to be outside catching a tan in the midday sun rather than being stuck inside working up a sweat de-cluttering. Conveniently for the rest of us, Vicky Silverthorn favours the latter. After 10 years working as a PA, Vicky is now inundated with requests from people wanting to get their homes – and by association their lives – back on track. After all, an organised house equals a organised mind.

Vicky has a fantastic ability to walk in to a life, understand it, and organise it accordingly. Travelling near and far to help the organisationally challenged, you might not even know what it is you need, but she will, and it all starts with taking the clutter and the stress away. Vicky points out that you don’t necessarily have to be a serial hoarder to book in a de-cluttering. It might just be that you can never quite give a task your full attention because you’re always a little distracted by the chaos around you. You Need A Vicky provides practical assistance, not just on the day, implementing easily keep-up-able systems to ensure your new state of serenity becomes a way of life rather than a quick fix.

The sense of achievement after organising years worth of paperwork is great, but many of us are unlikely to ever experience such elation given the process itself is so mind-numbingly tedious. It becomes a vicious circle: the more that piles up the less inclined you are to sort it. You Need A Vicky can blitz your paperwork, reacquainting you with the desk space you had long forgotten. Most importantly, Vicky and her team will make sure they implement long-term simple systems that means you’ll no longer see paperwork as a chore. If like us, your home office is currently lost under piles of post-it notes, transcripts and back issues of Vogue, a little (or massive) tidy will go a long way to creating that oasis of calm you crave when working from home.

And let’s not even get started on our closets. Like us, you may well have a plethora of beautiful summer clothes, but they’re of no use to anyone if they’re hidden under a pile of winter knits and tassled crop tops from the 90s. If you feel there’s no point digging out that floaty dress because by the time you find it it’ll be autumn, let Vicky come and organise your wardrobe. This process isn’t just about creating a more attractive wardrobe for you to look at; it’s about rediscovering what you own so that you can enjoy the process of getting ready in the morning. Vicky’s team will do the heavy lifting while you decide whether to keep or re-sell your items (she also founded www.tags-on.com an online designer clothing resale site) coffee in hand. A day of clothes and caffeine sounds pretty perfect to us!

Decluttering before you move home, unpacking methodically the other end and working in harmony with her sister company You Need A PA (her pay as you go PA services) the stress of moving is truly a thing of the past. You could go on holiday and come back to your new home just as you imagined!

Who needs Mary Poppins and her spoonful of sugar when you’ve got Vicky?

For more information or to get in touch, visit www.youneedavicky.com

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