The Best Children’s Films In 2014

The best children’s films in 2014

the best children's movies in 2014

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Whilst vintage Audrey Hepburn and rom coms are central to our love of films, we have quite the soft spot for those aimed at the younger generation and our Fashion Editor openly admits that Toy Story is one of her favourite films (ahem, you know, along with Breakfast at Tiffany’s that is…). After all, the best children’s films are the ones that can be appreciated by adults and kids alike and the beauty of children’s stories is their complete lack of pretension, and simple, yet genuine life lessons. Here’s our pick of the best adult friendly kids movies that are coming up in 2014. Take along little ones in your family or just make it a girly night out, reminiscing about your school days with your oldest friends.

The LEGO Movie (February 2014)

The Lego Movie will pleasantly surprise adults taking their kids to yet another franchise film. It charts the adventure of our humble hero, Emmett, just a regular Lego man, who is mistaken for the saviour of the known Lego universe. A witty dialogue provides the adventure with entertainment value and it’s full of Lego. Everybody loves Lego right.

The Muppets Most Wanted (March 2014)

Yes, our favourite felt frog is at it again, this time with Ricky Gervais in tow. Expect laughs that can be appreciated by young and old alike, and the strong likelihood of a fantastic soundtrack to boot. This time Kermit gets into trouble when his doppelgänger, Constantine the World’s Number One Criminal, decides to steal a diamond. The Muppets Most Wanted movie will be released on March, 21st.

Rio 2 (April 2014)

Rio 2 movie in cinemas April 2014

The Academy award-winning Blue Sky Studios who brought Ice Age to the screen, are back with the second instalment of the hugely popular Rio franchise, which critics have argued rivals Pixar and DreamWorks productions. The film continues the story of the two domesticated macaws who escaped to the wild in the first film. Expect bright and beautiful animations, life-affirming comedy and an energetic soundtrack as well as serious pangs for a beach holiday.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (August 2014)

Somehow Michael Bay has got his hands on the rights to produce the next Turtles movie, so be prepared for many, many explosions. Sword-wielding amphibians have always been a source of fascination for children, so the kids will appreciate this film for sure. The story supposedly covers the origins of the four heroes, including their exposure to a radioactive substance during an alien invasion.

Ernest and Celestine

Nominated for Best Animated Feature in the Oscars 2014, Ernest and Celestine is a beautifully imagined story of an unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse. The narrative addresses the traditional enmities between different species – a story which children will love and in which parents will recognise a poignant sub-plot.

The Boxtrolls (September 2014)

Based on Alan Snow’s children’s book Here Be Monsters!, The Boxtrolls is the story of an orphaned boy, Eggs (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), who is adopted by some strange-looking goblins who live in boxes in the sewer. When the trolls become the target of an evil exterminator, Eggs has to return the favour. The beautifully captured 3D stop-motion should be a feast for the eyes and heart alike.

2014 looks to have some potentially great children’s movies in the pipeline. Let’s hope that one of the films you see this year will become not only become a classic that the little ones in your life will remember for the rest of their lives but that you can happy talk about with the “grown ups” in your life.