How Staying In Is The New Going Out In 2014

How staying in is the new going out in 2014

how to make staying in nice

It’s cold, it’s wet, winter is hanging on for far too long and after weeks on end of late nights and running about in the rain we’re all about staying at home rather than venturing outside. Of course, we do nights in with a suitable glamorous spin here at Your Coffee Break. If you think staying in means long, boring nights in our pyjamas, think again!  From the numerous HD channels to old school board games, staying in can be the new going out.

There are the obvious benefits – it’s far cheaper than a night on the town (we’ll be putting those extra pounds into our Louboutin fund) and you don’t have the annoying hassle of trying to find a taxi home (because we are not sixteen and no longer find night buses an acceptable mode of transport) – but there are also lots of other exciting pros to staying in. Check out a few of our suggestions for a great night in:

Make it a movie night

If a night at your local cinema with a bucket of stale popcorn and the same old boring, big budget movies doesn’t appeal, then switch on the box instead. With all the latest HD channels with Virgin Media, you can enjoy everything from classics from Hollywood’s golden era to award-winning indie flicks and old favourites, all in gloriously punchy definition. Make a night of it by fixing up themed nibbles and drinks to go with the silver screen action. Indulge in a spot Americana with a 90s flick, homemade burgers, pizzas and shakes, or glam it up with retro drinks and some black and white, melodramatic romance. We’re all about watching Audrey Hepburn in dazzle in Breakfast at Tiffany’s whilst sipping champagne and sporting a tiara. For a really old school vibe, you can even fix up your own cinema screen, courtesy of an overhead projector and a big white sheet across the wall.

Cocktails and Cabaret

Karaoke is so passé. Give your nights in a glammed up flavour with some homemade cocktails and a cabaret sing-along. If you’re really into your cocktails, it’s definitely worth investing in a retro drinks cabinet or even a trolley, to add a little grown up gloss. But if not, a few bottles of your favourite wine can go a long way. Staying in doesn’t have to mean you have to slum it – or make tracksuit bottoms and pyjamas acceptable wear. Create the right mood for the night with costumes and décor. A few well placed feather boas, elbow gloves, fairy lights and vintage mirrors can go a long way to taking you from an ordinary living room to your private cabaret stage.

Old school board games

For a really retro night in, take things old school and get out the vintage board games. Spice things up with a bit of mischief by giving childhood favourites an alcoholic twist. Try sweets pre-soaked in vodka overnight, alcoholic jelly shots or frozen strawberries, filled with a tequila and fruit-flavoured jelly mix. Rediscover old favourites like Monopoly and Cluedo, or test your coordination skills with Buckaroo or Jenga – all a little more challenging after a bowl of vodka-infused gummy bears! A word of warning: don’t underestimate just how competitive you’ll get. One roll of the dice can unleash your inner champion, so prevent any sore losers by keeping plenty of fun prizes on hand for guaranteed giggles.

Modern Day Gaming Session

Whether you prefer to use a PC, or a PlayStation, staying in and having a night gaming with your friends is a surefire way to cure boredom and also support your mental health. Gaming online with friends and people from all over the world (or on your own) is a great way to just forget your surroundings, and zone out for a little while. One of the thrills of online and video gaming is the sense of achievement when the game is beaten, especially when you beat your friends to do it. However, this is not always possible without the added extra of a few cheats and hints. For first-person shooter games especially, cheats can enhance the experience, and make it a little more fun! If this sounds like something for you, and you want to be one of the best in your friendship group, then check out the available Tarkov ABS Full packages or those for any other game you are playing.


Charlotte Giver

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