Easy And Stylish Storage Solutions For A Spring-Time Clease

Easy and stylish storage solutions for a spring-time cleanse

After a month or so of figuring out what you are actually going to use from your pile of Christmas gifts, it’s time to find all that clutter a home. Those half-eaten chocolates in the kitchen and that overflowing pile of shower gels in your dressing-table drawer can’t stay there forever, so now is the perfect time to introduce some simple and stylish storage solutions.

Easy storage solutions for your home

Home Office

With tax returns finished and January pay-day having finally rolled around, it’s time to get your paperwork organised once more. Such documents may well be dull, but desk storage solutions don’t have to be. This Paisley Magazine Holder  from Oka Home will keep your affairs in order, and add a touch of on-trend boho style to your home office space.


The office party and New Year’s Eve clothing panics are over for another year, so there is no excuse for that unkempt pile of clothes, shoes and accessories at the bottom of your wardrobe. Keep everything neat and organised with these graphic monochrome storage boxes from IKEA.

Dressing Table

Most of us have a lot more makeup than we actually need, so it’s a good idea to keep the things you reach for on a daily basis neatly organised and easily accessible. This Acrylic 5 Drawer Box from Muji is perfect for housing your beauty essentials, and because it’s transparent you can easily see exactly where everything is – ideal if you are running late on a Monday morning!


Pre-bikini season diets are never fun, so why not invest in some stylish storage tins to house all those healthy foods? These Orla Kiely Multi Stem Cracker and Biscuit Tins from John Lewis are pretty and practical, and can make even the plainest of foods taste a little sweeter.