Grown Up Storage Solutions For a Clean Home

Grown up storage solutions for a clean home

Let’s do away with the bulkiness; it’s time for some grown-up storage solutions. Now more than ever we are hankering for a clutter free space that not only looks great but is practical as well, helping our busy lives run that bit smoother. After all, there are a lot of things in the world that can distract you but none of those should be in the place where you should unwind and de-stress after a busy work day.

To achieve a clean home, storage is a must, particularly for family homes where toys become regular floor accessories. But isn’t it hard to find storage that is both practical as well as chic? If your home doesn’t have enough storage space for your belongings, consider renting a storage unit instead.

The Scandinavian interior trend continues to adorn our London homes and Pinterest, bringing with it a minimalistic approach to living. Stolbjerg Copenhagen know a thing or two about embracing the simple life, with their functional yet oh-so stylish collection of storage solutions, home buys and sleek accessories. Each item lovingly combines simplicity and functionality with style (le sigh!), inspired by being on the move and every day family life. On top of being supremely practical, the products are Danish made in natural earthy materials such as wood, leather and cotton.

Stolbjerg Copenhagen

Stolbjerg Copenhagen

This combination of function and style could be the key to a tidy but sophisticated home and the bedroom is a great place to start introducing better storage solutions. As Feng Shui tells us, a messy room can lead to a sleepless night. Replacing a wardrobe with a hanging rack can really help create a bigger space. Wardrobes can be bulky and dominate a room, whereas a clothing rail is a compact and stylish way of storing and displaying your clothes. One that hangs from the ceiling not only creates an interesting installation in itself, but it also frees up floor space, creating a much calmer environment.

Storage solutions from Stolbjerg Copenhagen for a clean home

Replacing plastic boxes with chic baskets, or using an ottoman with inner storage as a coffee table are just two brilliant examples of more sophisticated storage solutions. But storage that can double up as an accessory is perfect for our mobile lives. Wearable storage, what’s next? But if you have children or travel a lot for work, you’ll know what it’s like to pack and unpack the same weekend bag, or miss the train because you couldn’t find your passport. Instead, you find it in the kitchen drawer and wonder what on earth it’s doing in there. Enter the Infinity bag. You would be forgiven for thinking this is just an ordinary (albeit beautiful) bag. Open it up and you’ll find all of your storage dreams come true in a matter of five pockets. Because of its contemporary design, this kind of storage can be styled in most rooms of the house and even in your home office if you find yourself working remotely. Whilst being clever enough to be hung on the wall and worn on the go, it’s also streamlined enough not to take up too much space. Be careful, this kind of multi purpose storage will make you feel so grown up it should come with a warning that says, “Adults only”.

Stolbjerg Copenhagen

Stoljberg Copenhagen

Gorgeous storage solutions for your home from Stolbjerg Copenhagen

When it comes to storage, choosing something that has just as much function as aesthetic appeal will make the overall look seem effortless, helping you create an organised home.

Storage solutions for your bathroom

Stolbjerg Copenhagen

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