Gigaset: Customise Your Phone To Match Your Office

Gigaset: Customise Your Phone To Match Your Office

Here at Your Coffee Break, our phones are pretty much glued in our hands. Talking to PR’s, partners, media, tastemakers and always being available to our clients or colleagues at any given time is a pivotal part of running a business.

In this office, we understand the importance of communication and that’s why we partnered up with Gigaset to get our team set up with one individual landline and phone each that reflects his/her personality, all courtesy of Gigaset. From spring ready floral patterns, to fashion forward leopard and zebra prints, you instantly know who’s phone is who’s in our office! Just as you buy a phone case to coordinate your phone with your look, now you can do the same with Gigaset’s stylish phones. You can even match your phone to your trench with a Burberry check inspired skin! Or, if you are a total creative, you are given the option to design your own skin; a great way for any creative company to showcase their talents in every aspect of their office. Not only can you match the phone to your employees or fellow work colleague’s personality, you can also choose a design that tie in to your décor at home.

Although it’s good to let your personality shine, you can create a more streamline look for the office, where all phones are matching. You don’t have to go for the bold colours or patterns. Opt for a chic pattern or simple block colour to ensure your phone fits with your professional environment.

Ergonomically, the phones are lightweight and compact for maximum ease and comfort, while the cordless models are perfect for taking your call from the desk to the showroom. Fitted with Bluetooth means you can establish connections between different electronic devices quickly and free-of-charge. When the devices are connected, they can exchange data when in range. This means you can link the phone to a headset; perfect for us career ladies who are busy running around the office!

Gigaset phones are safe, slim and stylish. They are the perfect tool for the office, but you are able to customize and personalize it, making it not just another piece of office furniture but an extension of business and an enhancement of your work environment. No office should be without!

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Jade Bailey-Dowling

Jade lives by the quote ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ as said by Coco Chanel. She loves vintage fashion, red lipstick and caramel lattes. Pursuing a career in fashion and beauty public relations and journalism, she wants to work in London, Paris and New York.