Miami Blogger Electric Blogarella: The Fashion Queen Of The South!

Here at Your Coffee Break we’ve almost forgotten what summer is like. As Londoners, we are used to rainy days and our office is practically a blur of oversized jumpers and scarves. That’s why we were so excited when we got talking to Electric Blogarella, one of Miami’s hottest bloggers! Meet Ginger Harris, the self confessed fashion addict from the West Coast!

Electric Blogarella

From hosting events with Diane von Furstenberg, to attempting to pass of yoga pants as real clothes (let’s be fair, we’ve all tried that at some point) it’s clear that this Miami Blogger and fashion queen leads a varied and insanely interesting life. Here at YCB we are always curious to know exactly what inspired successful bloggers to initially begin blogging. The biggest journey begins with the smallest of footsteps the saying goes, and we’re intrigued as to what Ginger’s first step actually was!

“Friends motivated me to do it!” she admits. “Plus, I wanted to keep a diary of my life and times, something to look back on when I’m old and grey. I’ve been blogging off and on for six years to be fair, but not always fashion. The current incarnation of Electric Blogarella started when I hosted an event with Diane von Furstenberg.” 

With having been an avid fashion blogger for so long, we are interested to know how Ginger’s interest in fashion has evolved since she started her blog.

“It’s more of an obsession than an interest and it’s always been there. But now that I have the blog and photograph what I wear regularly, it motivates me to find new ways to wear things I’ve already worn. If I wore it with heels last time, I try to switch it up with boots, new jewellery, a scarf, etc … It’s giving me an uber awareness of double wears.”

Electric Blogarella interview

You only need to read a few posts of Electric Blogarella to understand how important fashion really is to Ginger, and how eclectic her style can be.

“I’ve always been a vintage girl. And I have a preference for the girlier side of fashion, like flouncy skirts, high heels, and delicate accessories. But I also embrace my boho glam side.” Ginger tells us. “It’s hard for me to turn down a retro print. Fashion is my life. It’s my job (I’m also an editor). To me, fashion is an art form. It tells your mood for the day. It lets you express yourself.” 

One of the most interesting things about all these stylish and successful bloggers we get to talk to is the highlight of their career, we’re always impressed!

Over the years, I’ve had some awesome adventures: dancing on stage with the Flaming Lips, meeting Diane von Furstenberg, attending fashion weeks, my recent segment on the Today show, but breaking the Jason Wu for Target scandal is what really put my blog on the map, so it’s my favourite moment.”

If you’ve read Electric Blogarella before, you will have come across Ginger’s ridiculously cute daughter, and there was a resounding ‘awh!’ from our office when we found a particular picture of Ginger and her little one at the beach.

Elegtric Blogarella daughter

We tell Ginger just how adorable she is and ask her if she reckons that she will encourage her to have a healthy interest in fashion too? 

“Thank you. She’s a total ham. I started a blog for my daughter the day she was born. I’ve managed to pass along my obsession with fashion to her, too. I believe she’ll end up being in the next generation of fashion bloggers for sure!”

With so much achieved already, we wonder what’s next for Electric Blogarella?

I think I’m a blogger for life, so more posts, more styling’s and more shopping, of course.” We can’t wait!

Electric Blogarella, bite size.

Coffee or tea? “Tea, hot with lemon.”

Favourite city? “I love Paris (who doesn’t), but I also love this quaint little town outside of Gainesville called Micanopy. It’s an entire town full of antique stores.”

Where did you go to Uni? “University of Florida, with a major in Journalism and a minor in English.”

Right now, I am wearing: “I’m actually still in my PJs (perpetuating that persona that bloggers never get dressed) because I’ve been strapped to my laptop meeting deadlines all morning, so I’m wearing a vintage muu-muu in a loud print. “

Do you have a style icon?My style icons are the style icons of the past: Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn.”

Best advice anyone has ever given you?  “Read everything you write out loud. It will help you find out where you need to edit.”

First ever job? “My first job outside of college was working for Madison Magazine in New York. It was an international fashion magazine. I contributed to the calendar section.”  


Gabrielle is a 22 year old Events and Public Relations student based in London. Finding her feet in the big city, she is a lover of coffee and culture!