Ladies, Have You Heard About Arbonne?

Do you feel like ditching your 9-5 for a more fulfilling profession that can take you straight to the top? We sat down to chat with Katie Young, a successful businesswoman, and we immediately got pretty taken with her story.

skincare sisters So, what’s her story? Katie owns not only her own fashion business, but she also is a successful Executive Area Manager within Arbonne, a well-established, and well-reputed Network-Marketing Company that is changing millions of lives across the globe. The go-getter gave us the inside scoop on her, what seemed to be, an over-night success.

Recently listed as number 35 in The Times’ ‘Top 1000 Network Marketing Companies’ list, Arbonne is a 33-year-old business, boasting Kay Napier (ex Chief Marketing Officer for McDonalds) as its CEO.  It is an incredible business vehicle for men and women alike, and is a particular favourite of busy women – either those with careers, those with families, or those with both careers and families. For those who wish to make a residual income off ethical products, Arbonne is the perfect way to do so.

arbonne skincare products Arbonne is unique in that it offers wellbeing products, premium skincare and beauty products, with many different ranges tailor-made to different kinds of people. With its simple business plan, and plenty of support within the company, Arbonne is really something that everyone can take part in. Anyone can do well within the enterprise, as long as they follow tried and tested routes to success. For Katie, as a busy career woman, versatility is one point that makes Arbonne so special, and from sitting down to coffee with her in London’s Covent Garden, it is clear that, having a personal life aside from work is very important to her.“Arbonne is very flexible,” Katie emphasises, “it gives me the opportunity to have much more freedom and financial gain, long-term. Entrepreneurs are attracted to the ease of the business.  What’s more, it keeps in with my many values of beauty, family, ethics and well-being.”  You can tailor-make your Arbonne business to your individual schedule, and whilst you may have to put in a certain amount of work hours at the beginning for success, once you have built up a sufficient network, you start to get results from the hours put in not only by yourself, but also by your team.“It has an incredible super-structure that I could never have put together myself, that enables people to be connected and empowered by each other.” the local go-getter explains. We don’t know about you, but this sure seems like a cool job!

working with Arbonne However, the path to generating such success may actually seem quite daunting, but in fact, as long as you are willing to do well, then you will. There are no specific qualifications needed, and Arbonne’s extensive support-structure offers self-improvement programs, conferences, and everyone has a sponsor who guides them through the process. Katie follows this exact same system herself, making regular contact with theArbonne consultants in her own network. Additionally, she hosts conference calls for her with her own sponsor for her network to listen in to and to gather great advice from, since her sponsor is also an Executive Regional Vice President, her network marketing coach and mentor.“It’s about successful duplication.  I’m only successful if I help the people I sponsor be successful. You come into this business and you’re not alone – you have someone who is going to directly guide you, they will support, help and mentor you. Everything is completely teachable, and you sharpen up as you go along. It’s really practical and hands on, and for many women, it just brings their confidence back in themselves.” There are also amazing Arbonne events in different locations around the world; the next, scheduled to take place in Vegas!

Although Katie is a UK resident, Katie was introduced to Arbonne whilst on holiday on the other side of the world, in Palm Springs, where she met a Regional Vice President. “You’re constantly meeting people in your everyday life, that’s how Arbonne develops and grows!”

Despite having an outreach in many different countries, Arbonne is not yet technically a global company. With globalisation scheduled for next year, its listing in the ranks of Top Network Marketing Companies is due to rocket. Arbonne is already in the vocabulary of millions of people worldwide, and it is set to become a household name as soon as 2015.

If you want to be a part of this fabulous network, and to find out more about what Arbonne can do for you, visit: or contact Katie Young directly at 07855 764 984 or via email:


Tiffany is a graduate from the University of Leeds, in the disciplines of English & French. Born and bred in London, she considers herself to have a healthy addiction to fashion. With experience in both PR and TV Presenting, she hopes to forge a successful career in the Fashion or Entertainment Industries.

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