No Brands, No Worries With Selfridges No Noise Campaign

When you think of the usual shopping experiences you may envision crowded lines, hectic music and lots of stress. Think again! This month, Selfridges reveals the comeback of its legendary Silence Room first launched in 1909.

Through No Noise, Selfridges “welcomes customers on a counter-intuitive retail journey”  urging customers to proactively seek out some moments of peace and tranquility.

de branded products at Selfridges No Noise No Noise will incorporate a room focused on distressing in silence, symbolically de-branded products, art installments, a mass mediation event and more.

The Silence Room will be included as a hushed space to encourage a mental detox where you leave your shoes, phones, distractions and worries at the door.

Selfridges will also include content from Headspace, such as these Beats by dre headphones available in engaging with customers anywhere at anytime in order to deliver mindful messages and meditation practice.

Another unique aspect of No Noise is the curated ‘Quiet Shop’. Selfridges takes a unique spin on the concept of shopping by removing brand names from well-known labels. Can you still find your favorite go to Crème de La Mer products or beloved Levis without a distinct brand name? They seem to think so.

Relaxation methods and brand-free products seems like enough. But Selfridges takes it a step further with some innovative art and healthy food.No Noise Selfridges There will also be four special windows conceptualized by artist Katie Paterson and Food Halls that promote “clean, simple and honest food from the best suppliers”.

Embracing the mood for detox and to start on those New Years resolutions, Your Coffee Break is invited to Selfridges for the exclusive preview tomorrow Thurs, 10th of Jan. We will take part in a meditation so stay tuned for more images! 

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Bryana Nugent

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