Prevent Dry Winter Skin With These Beauty Secrets

prevent dry winter skinPreventing dry skin during the winter months may seem hopeless. As the cold weather starts to take over, sometimes even your go-to moisturizer and primer no longer do the trick.

Winter not only brings out that fabulous fur jacket waiting to be worn in the back of your closet but also brings on the fight with even the sleekest foundations to stay on even.

Here’s some tips to prevent dry skin during the cold winter months:

1) Although the cocktail parties may be plentiful, try to limit your alcohol intake. That goes for coffee as well. Here at Your Coffee Break we understand how important your espresso may be in the early AM, just don’t over do it. Stick to one or two servings. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics and can cause dehydration leaving your skin dry. Make sure to be drinking plenty of water to maintain a healthy glow!

2) Braving the cold for a cigarette may seem like the perfect excuse to take a quick break from your office party, but it will dry out your skin and make conditions like eczema worse. Do your skin a favor and try and quit before New Years.

3) If you have chic wool garments at the top of your Christmas list, you may want to do some rewriting. Go for looser fitting, gentle fabrics like cotton to prevent dry skin. Wool can chafe and make you itchy.

4) Tone down the water temperature while taking a bath or shower. Hot soapy water strips away your natural oils, making dry skin worse. As you’re drying off make sure to pat your skin instead of rub it.

5) Steer clear of SLS. SLS is a thickening agent found in many high street products and cleansers. It can aggravate dry skin by thinning the natural protective barrier, which causes water loss. Keeping your skin soothed and hydrated is vital, and choosing ointments with simple ingredients is the best choice. Which product do we recommend? New Care Aqueous Emollient Cream, a 2-in-1 emollient and soap substitute for dry skin, and 100% SLS free. It can be used as a leave on moisturizer or a non-drying alternative to your soap or shower gel.

6) Finally, make sure to just RELAX. Don’t let the holiday season cause you extra stress. Stress can cause psoriasis and even eczema. Take time to lounge and enjoy your vacation.

Banish dry skin forever! Follow these tips and you will look and feel beautiful during this holiday season!

Bryana Nugent

Bryana is a 22 year-old young lady with a passion for writing and traveling to unknown places far from home. A recent graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara, Bryana holds a major in Communication. She currently lives in the magical city of Paris, pursuing a career in the magazine and fashion industry