Good Vibes! Shopping For Playful Basics With Adornment

Good vibes! Shopping for playful basics with Adornment

Every stylist will tell you that basics are essential in any wardrobe all year round. Those pieces that will go with just everything are the most useful items for building a strong foundation, no matter how big or small, and often they are the pieces we will naturally wear the most. As we made it through the first months of the year (hurrah!) and moving into Spring and Summer now is the perfect time to perk up your wardrobe, whether that’s with new finds for brunch or for the boardroom. And, when we came across Adornment, our new favourite Scandinavian find, we knew we were well on our way!

Founded by Pauline Cappelen in 2015, Adornment is a curated collection of pre-owned and vintage pieces which are pulled together with the commonality of high quality fabrics and a focus on timeless designs and silhouettes. The concept does not cater to passing trends or one-off collections, but provides something for everyone, with pieces that are just as fitting at a client breakfast on Tuesday as they are on a stylish night out on a Saturday.

Obviously as truly modern brand, Adornment believe that fashion and sustainability are capable of coexistence, something that we can completely get behind. There has been much written about how brands which focus on ‘fast fashion’ are the main contributors of the sustainability issues present within the fashion industry – particularly in regards to exploiting natural resources and labour. Adornment celebrates the talent and skill put into these already-made pieces and gives them a new life by passing them on to their next owner. As Pauline rightly states: “Old for someone equals a new unique adornment for someone else…”

Shopping for playful basics with Adornment

The new issue for Spring has been inspired by the architecture and changes in mood that nature dictates within the form of an orangery. Their go-with-everything pieces centre on natural fibres and materials in combination with a warm summery colour palette of sand, ivory, raspberry and aqua – inspired by hazy summer days as well as quiet Mustique nights. Instead of the typical basics you probably buy every seasonal change, you can replace them with new essentials from Adornment, which include feminine silhouettes, tailored linen, and willowy shapes which have inspired them this Spring.

Beautiful key pieces have been collected from all over Europe, from London to Stockholm to perfectly bring together a group of garments which create a charismatic wardrobe dictated a stylish and sophisticated lifestyle, rather than someone who religiously follows trends. So this Spring bring something different into your wardrobe, and why a gem of a piece from our new favourite find, Adornment!

Jordan Harris

Jordan is a current university student and has enjoyed an international upbringing across Asia and the UK. Self-confessed handbag hoarder and stationary queen, she is pursuing a career in the world of journalism.