Six Reasons Why We Should Be Taking Fashion Advice From Kids

Six reasons why we should be taking fashion advice from kids

Mini Street Style

Let’s be honest: at one point or another we’ve all found ourselves scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and seen a five-year-old who puts our wardrobe to shame. Just look at that sartorial sass! It only takes one look at the impressive following of insta-famous fashionable little ones like Alonso Mateo to appreciate how stylish kids can – and want – to be.

Wanting to learn a little more about that childlike fearlessness, it was only natural to join forces with Ruth Peters and Mini Street Style, a social fashion collection for kids inspired by international street style, to get some serious fashion inspo!

Mini Street Style

Ruth Peters, businesswoman, mother of two, and the cofounder behind the social fashion collection says: ‘Street Style is all about mixing it up, celebrating diversity and allowing the clothes to do the talking. At Mini Street Style we want to provide those quirky statement pieces that can be mixed in with your everyday favourites, to add a bucket of personality and an ounce of attitude to your kids wardrobe’. As a result, here’s why our mini counterparts can teach us a lot about personal style:

1. They’re fearless!

Whether we choose to admit it or not, by the time we reach adulthood most of us have become a bit brainwashed. Society has drilled what’s fashionable, what’s on trend, what counts as edgy chic and what’s just a sartorial disaster deep into our conscious. Kids, on the other hand, haven’t been around long enough to know what’s cool and what’s not. They wear what they want to wear simply because they like it, and sometimes that results in some pretty refreshing looks. You might never have thought to pair patterned leggings with that dress, but they sure did! Perhaps it’s time to stop worrying about what other people will think of our ensembles and dress for ourselves for a change.

Mini Street Style

2. They dress for the adventure ahead

For a five-year-old, going on an adventure means packing sandwiches in to a bag, climbing trees, and clambering over forbidden fences. They know how to put together an outfit that will make them feel like they can stand at the top of the (bouncy) castle and take on the world; they’re bold and comfortable all at the same time. Just because embarking on a new adventure now means switching jobs or moving away from home it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress for the day ahead! Wear what will make you feel strongest as you embark upon today’s adventure – perhaps a pretty jacket for that new role, or your mum’s old jumper to remind you of home.

3. They look super cute in PJs and onesies

Kids are legitimately allowed to stay in pyjamas all day and be referred to as ‘cute’ rather than ‘lazy’. The difference, we suppose, is that they’re still active. They still design Lego towers and skim toy cars across the floor. Take a cue from them and spend your precious day off designing your new personal website and skim reading your favourite magazine in soft cotton loungewear as chic as it is comfy!

4. They can work back to school chic like no other

Mini Street Style

Just because we adults have graduated from school it doesn’t mean we can’t rock back to school trends! If you need some inspiration, look no further than the fashionable munchkins boarding the school bus in the morning. Sure, you may want to skip the pink Hello Kitty backpack, but the Victoriana style blouses and pussy bow collars? Yes, please!

5. They channel their inner ballerina

Just because you grew up to be an account executive or architect doesn’t mean you can’t still take some inspiration from your childhood dreams. Ballerina pink is all over the runways right now — hello Carolina Herrera SS16! It’s a feminine look that our younger counterparts rocked long before the hue hit the runway. From extravagant tulle skirt to modern tees, ballerina pink is the perfect way to show your sweet side.

6. They aren’t afraid to experiment with colour

Of course, a little black dress or crisp white button down will always be classic and in style, but from time to time, we need to add a little colour into the mix and work with statement accessories to really liven up our looks! And who pulls off a bright better than mini fashionistas? Does this very literal pop of colour from Mini Street Style come in our size…?

When it comes to fashion, kids remember what we oftentimes forget — in the end, fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Whether playing around with poppy colours or trying out that shirt/skirt combo you never thought would go together, style is supposed to be personal and, above all, fun!

Let your little ones lead the style revolution by sharing what they’re wearing with Mini Street Style on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and vote on what looks you want to see them in through their website!

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