7 Fall TV Shows to Get Excited For

7 Fall TV shows to get excited for

2015 Fall TV shows you should watch

As summer winds down, there’s the beautiful changing of the leaves to look forward to and everything pumpkin spice…and oh, the changing of channels for the upcoming fall television season! As we are putting away our bikinis and grabbing our favourite novel, networks are bringing top-quality entertainment to our homes with the exciting new series line ups – plus our all-time favourites are back for more season premieres.

So get your Netflix and DVR ready, ladies! You’re going to want to watch these 7 TV shows:


Supergirl Fall TV shows

“Glee” star Melissa Benoist plays Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-el. Now it’s time for a female superhero to kick-butt and take names on our television each week. Though she’s kept her super powers hush hush for many years, now it’s time for her call to action for justice.

Flesh and Bone

Flesh and Bone Fall 2015 TV show to watch

The series trailer is reminiscent of Black Swan as it follows Claire, played by Sarah Hay, through the cutthroat world of dance at the American Ballet Company. With strict and terrifying choreographers and a constant pressure to achieve perfection, this intense limited series will surely bring about the harsh realities of living the life of a professional ballerina – and then some.

Premieres November 8 on Starz


International TV series Quantico

This international TV series is sure to make social media buzz. Lead Alex Parrish, played by Priyank Chopra, begins her agent training at Quantico, the “toughest boot camp, grad school all rolled into one”.  Fellow trainees are taught to study each other, learn one another’s secrets as they each come from different walks of life. After a tragic attack on the country, the police believe one of the Quantico agents could be behind it – a terrorist among the agents. When she learns that authorities prime suspect is her, Parrish knows that only she can prove her innocence and get to the bottom of this international conspiracy against her. This action-packed, mind-racing series is going to be a must watch for everyone.


John Stamos in Grandfathered

It stars John Stamos – need we say more? Sure, the premise of Stamos’ character as a lifelong bachelor finally learning about his now-adult son and his daughter will make for some silly, lovable sitcom scenarios. It might even touch on the softer moments of grandfatherhood, snagging Full House fans to fall in love with Stamos over and over again as he discovers both the joys and hardships of parenting.

Premieres September 29 on FOX


Empire Season 2

Season 2 promises even more drama, more fantastic music and more Cookie to draw you further into their world. This addicting soap grabbed the attention of millions with each new episode, so we can’t wait to see what round two has in store for us. Plus guest stars will include Ludacris, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keyes.

Season premiere: September 23 on FOX

The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project

We love Mindy Kaling and are pumped that Hulu is helping continue its fabulous and funny run. What to expect this season? Joseph Gordon-Levitt is confirmed to make an appearance as “Mindy’s New Man” in some alternate reality that Mindy finds herself imagining. It’s sure to be a hilariously bumpy ride for this title star.

Season premiere: September 15 on Hulu

TGIT with Shonda Rhimes

2015 fall tv shows to watch

The trifecta is back! All three season finales left us craving more – well done, Shonda. Now it’s time to see Meredith Gray settle into her life as a widow and watch the dynamics between doctors ebb and flow as they take on new personal and medical challenges.

Viewers are still itching to figure out whether a happy ending can exist for Olivia and Fitz. Will they ever wind up with as happily ever after or remain estranged as star-crossed lovers? Knowing Ms. Pope, none of those answers will come quickly or easily.

With its first season leaving viewers with cliffhangers after every episode, we can only hope Shonda Rhimes has more tricks up her sleeve for this enticing drama. It’s secrets are too juicy not to stay enticed. We finally found out who killed Lila, but remember that second murder at the very end of the season finale? Time to solve another murder case…

ShondaLand Season premieres: Thursday, September 24 on ABC

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