How to Work Prints in to Your Staple Workwear Wardrobe

Career women know the value of functional clothing that’s stylish and fun too. Whether you’re getting the kids ready for school or wrapping up a morning workout, an easy outfit can help navigate busy mornings. But we also want to be chic at work – understated whilst still making it clear we’re style savvy. Repeat after us: easy doesn’t have to mean dull. It’s time to explore prints and patterns that’ll mix up your usual (read: easy to grab ‘n’ go) block colour wardrobe.

From now on, stripes and gridlines will be your new workwear staples: they’re as neutral as monochrome and as fashion-forward as florals. For NÜER, clean lines in the workplace are a no-brainer: ‘what you wear is your best form of marketing – so looking sharp at all times is never a bad thing! We have incorporated so many clean lines into our collection because they are the key to looking smart’. Not done your hair or makeup? Throw on a piece with a clean silhouette and voila! They’re easy to style prints that keep the potentially inappropriate cheetah print out of the workplace while still allowing creativity to shine through.

Think about it; a gridline shirt is a modern, effortless way to upgrade the classic white shirt; a nautical striped playsuit is elegant enough for the office, but gorgeous with heels for cocktails too; a grid print pencil skirt makes a refreshing change from block black, but given it’s monochrome will still go with the rest of your workwear wardrobe.

Given the versatility of striped and gridlined prints, plain colours can be mixed with patterns to create a different outfit each day using only a few key pieces. After all, a few staple pieces are so important to the flow and organisation of a closet and wardrobe. Not only do NÜER’s designs make looking put together when you’re actually having the most manic morning of your life easy, but they make you feel like you have your life together too. Functional designs mean being able to concentrate on your work without having to worry about straps that fall down or skirts that ride up. Finally! Fashionable, classic, beautiful clothes that we can actually wear to work.

Simple patterns, colours and textures that can be mixed and matched are the key to a successful wardrobe. So, once you’ve invested in your key striped and gridlined neutrals, here are 6 tips for streamlining your getting-ready routine:

1. If you haven’t worn the piece in over a year, donate it.

Letting go of unused pieces helps clear up space for pieces you actually wear. With more space, you will more easily be able to see what you even have in your closet.

2. Colour code your closet.

When the black clothes are together, the blues are grouped, and the pinks are all in a row, you can quickly piece together and outfit with complementing colours.

3. Separate the bottoms, tops, and dresses.

That way, you can grab an outfit in a pinch if you need to!

4. Don’t forget the shoes!

Put the off-season shoes away until you need them. There’s no need to keep moving around your leather boots all summer. Make it easier to access seasonally appropriate shoes and you won’t spend your mornings searching for shoe mates.

5. Accessories should also be seasonally appropriate.

You can colour code them for easy choosing, too! And separate the functional day ones from the tiny clutches that are better for night time parties so you don’t have to search through them all each day.

6. Clear plastic containers make organising a breeze!

Belts and other accessories can still be colour coded and easily accessible if they’re in eye view.

Now, go pick out your skirt, blouse, and heels and conquer the day! Don’t forget to share your wardrobe with NÜER on Twitter and Instagram.

Rainie Carter

Rainie is a registered dietitian on a mission to save the world, one healthy lifestyle at a time. She's a runner and a foodie with a passion for all things nutrition and fitness. She believes that life is not just about living, but about living well. Contact Rainie at or check out her blog, Be Well at