The Top Five Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant

Time. It is such a precious commodity, and one that we can’t mass produce. Whether you are an established, successful professional or a recent university grad, you have just 24 hours in a day. There is simply no way to make more time. Or is there?

As business women we already feel stretched too thin. We need more hours in the day and more hands to help us seriously multi-task if we’re ever going to come close to ticking off everything on that ever-increasing to do list. You may well scoff at the idea of enlisting the helping hands of a personal assistant – they make personal tasks impersonal, they’re an expensive, long-term commitment, and they’re only for the uber-wealthy anyway. This was perhaps the way it once was, we’ll give you that, but while you’ve been busy trying to dig yourself out from under all that paperwork things have been changing.

Indeed, the traditional personal assistance industry is failing. There are over 6000 fewer personal assistance jobs in the UK year on year, and having a PA is no longer a sought-after symbol of status. After all, why let someone else do something you’re more than capable and qualified to do yourself? The industry is clearly in desperate need of rejuvenation – a contemporary concept to keep up with our modern approach to our careers.

Enter the business concierge services of Fyxer, the best of personal assistance and the best of technology fused together.

Being treated as a client rather than an employer, and only paying per hour for the assistance you actually need will grant you those extra hours and hands that’ll enable a far more efficient working day.

And so, here are our top five reasons why you need to capitalise on Fyxer’s groundbreaking new take on assistants…

1. You’re always running out of time to be productive

If you’re someone who’s mastered time management in today’s technology infused, never-a-quiet-moment world, you are about as a rare as a unicorn. However, if you end the work day with a to-do list longer than it was when you started, you might just benefit from a business concierge. Thanks to services like email management, a virtual assistant can help take your day from stressfully overwhelming to busily productive.

In an age where the lines between work and personal time are increasingly blurred, leveraging the skills and services of a professional like an amazon virtual assistant can provide you with a much-needed buffer.

The first to admit organising meetings was never his strong suit, Fyxer co-founder Richard Hollingsworth is clear his productivity has increased immeasurably thanks to his Fyxer: ‘I never get meetings wrong, never double book people and have always done my research for a meeting’. Some people, he points out, are extremely good at what they do but aren’t hugely organised; let expert organisers take care of what they’re great at so that you can be productive doing what you’re great at!

2. You need help in more than one area

‘Fyxer’s vision is that assistance shouldn’t be a one-man band’, Richard tells us. ‘To navigate today’s ever changing world in order to stay on top, Fyxer believes a team with a wide range of skills is essential’. If you hire a new person in house, not only are you shelling out for an entire salary, you’re restricted to just one person’s skills. A remote assistant, on the other hand, will act as the single point person for your experts in other fields in order to secure the best possible service.

Maybe the basic package won’t fit your needs; Fyxers can help with proof reading, correspondence, expense management, invoicing and more, all while working off site. So don’t discount virtual assistants just because your needs are great!

3. You like to be smart with money

With a Fyxer, you simply pay for what you use. That means no more desperately searching for menial tasks to occupy an in house member of staff just to justify their salary expense! An assistant makes excellent financial sense in other ways too, as they can keep track of the expenses you do have. Just send a photo of your receipt and your Fyxer will do all the hard (read: dull) admin for you!

4. You’re keen to embrace technology

‘Not only does modern technology preclude the need for an assistant in house’, Richard explains, ‘it in fact provides a plethora of opportunities’. Gone are the days when hiring an assistant meant hiring a full time employee with office space, an annual salary and benefits; thanks to technology your Fyxer will be able to manage your day to day tasks remotely without being in your office and your space.

Technology not only plays a big part in how a Fyxer can work for you, but also what they can do for you. For example, knowing the market outlook and current environment is the key to the success of any business. Fyxer can help you gain an advantage over your competitors by providing comprehensive online research and analysis of locations, services, subjects, contact information for potential clients, facts and figures and stakeholder mapping. Similarly, they can provide ongoing attention to possibly one of the most time-consuming uses of technology: social media. ‘Social media is a rapidly changing world. Staying on top of the best practices and upcoming technological development is a full time job in itself!’

5. …but you still value human relationships

‘Personal assistance’ as we used to know it might be a dying industry, but the ‘personal’ aspect is still a vital ingredient. Richard makes it clear that this is every bit as essential as technology in the future of assistance as he explains Fyxer’s distinctive approach: ‘we are totally unique in that we insist on a face to face meeting between Fyxer and client. When you meet in person you get a better understanding of an individual through body language, tone of voice, humour (or no humour), etiquette…it’s all unveiled face to face’. Getting to know you as a person will ensure your Fyxer carries out the most valuable tasks for your individual needs once they begin working remotely.

Fyxer is so convinced that this bespoke virtual assistance model, with all staff based in London, is the perfect fit for all professionals that they’re currently offering the first six weeks of service without charge to those who sign up for a year’s commitment! Connect up with your Fyxer on Facebook and Twitter.

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