Roni Rabl: Use Your Closet To Build Your Career And Improve Your Personal Brand

Roni Rabl: use your closet to build your career and improve your personal brand

What is the definition of business chic? An extension of your personality, maybe? Perhaps a reflection of your work? One thing is for sure: successful women in the fashion industry have developed a distinctive look and an image that breathes S.U.C.C.E.S.S. from a mile away! When it comes to your office wear, we believe that a wardrobe strategy for your image development is equally as important as your day-to-day responsibilities.

Dressing isn’t what it used to be. In years past, professionals were trapped in dull business attire, even while attending after-work events. But in today’s more colourful corporate world, move away from the clichéd basic black and pearls. Fashion Week is coming to town and – just like you – we are all looking for delectable designers that bring flair and pizazz into our daily work wardrobes!

Enter our latest wardrobe crush: New York-based fashion house Roni Rabl. After a decade of huge success in Israel and Europe, Roni Rabl brought her designer novelty knits to New York City. This mother-daughter team has exposed fresh European trends to the American market. Yael Edelist, Roni’s daughter and President of the company, opened the NYC showroom in the fashion district, where the two work their magic. We asked Roni for her favourite picks and suggestions for the professional woman in media and, together, we created a step-by-step guide for the career woman; whether you are getting ready for your first internship or building your career and looking for ways of gaining respect at work.

The perfect intern 

Roni Rabl Angels Never Die

Congratulations on scoring your dream internship! Now, it’s time to make the most of your time whilst standing out from the rest. At the end of the day, you want to impress your supervisor and turn that internship into a full-time job. As important as it is to show that you are eager to learn, you want to dress professionally. A perfect example is super cool Turkish clothing line Angels Never Die (average retail price: $150-195), which offers styles that are super fun and youthful. When you’re making your first waves in the media world, it’s imperative that you not only dress to impress but you dress according to your age. The geometric cuts and unique textures offer a style that is worn beautifully by a relatively young demographic.

The editorial assistant 

When you think of an editorial assistant what comes to mind? Someone like Anne Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada? Working as an assistant you want a smooth and productive working relationship with your boss. The truth is that this job may just be the step you need to take to scoring your dream job. You will take on important projects and work directly alongside the executives, so it goes without saying that your wardrobe needs an upgrade.

Mado Roni Rabl

Your wardrobe gets a dose of sophistication with French label Mado (average retail price: $150-195). Fabrics are edgy, and layers are just conservative enough for an office setting. Here at Your Coffee Break, we love Mado because it is a collection suited for women of all ages and offers flattering styles for any body type allowing you to work hard and feel comfortable while you do it.

The leading lady 

Power women of the office can channel their French-chic with Lauren Vidal (average retail price: $150-299). Two words describe this collection best: stunning and sharp. As a professional power player in the media business, you are always in the public eye.

Lauren Vidal Roni Rabl

Not only will everyone be looking up to you for business advice as well as leadership, but your physical appearance is also something that everyone will notice.

It’s important to look well groomed and chic. Luckily for you, Lauren Vidal is designed for exactly that cosmopolitan, active woman. Power players know that a sophisticated professional look is important for success.

Retired and content

For those of you lovely ladies who are retired and enjoying the glory of a successful career behind you, Alembika (average retail price: $150-259), an Israel-based designer, is for you. This carefree yet polished collection exudes a cool and collected energy. It is an ode to well-being and elegance in your everyday life, expressing a playful style to follow your inner zeitgeist.

Alembika Roni Rabl

The key to successfully looking office-appropriate and modern in the workplace is paying attention to what feels and looks right for you. Take notes from these designer collections who do it oh-so-well! These are styles that allow you to dress for work while still looking innovative and, above all, naturally chic.  Have a look through Roni Rabl’s social media feeds (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), and you’ll see why we’re feeling inspired for Fashion Week and beyond in the YCB offices.

Power dressing is possible at any age and any stage of your career – work it ladies!

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