Fake The Instagram Effect And Look Celebrity Perfect With These Make-Up Products

Fake the Instagram effect and look celebrity perfect with these make-up products

Photo filters make our selfies look great, but can you look Instagram perfect in real life?

Fake the Instagram effect and look celebrity perfect with OPIVU

Picture this: having applied your make-up by the soft glow of your bedroom lamp you’re confident that your skin looks so perfect even Photoshop would envy your airbrushing skills. Happily swanning in to the bathroom you glance in the mirror only to find patchy foundation and mismatched concealer staring back at you under the harsh lighting. Don’t even get us started on how different our make up then looks when we take a selfie outside in natural light.

The rise of the #nofilter trend ensures that the demand for high definition beauty has never been higher. We live in a world of high definition. Whether on television, video, photography, or a simple selfie, we always want to look flawless.

Now imagine this: a world in which cosmetics are specially created to always perfectly match and blend with your unique skin tone and colouring, leaving your skin looking radiant and perfectly balanced. As it turns out, no wild imagination is needed! OPIVU is the first global cosmetic line to endeavour to create such a world, and we were lucky enough to sit down with its founder, Susanna Stroberg, who shed a little light on where we might be going wrong…

‘Make up can make you feel like a better version of yourself. It can change your perspective of life. When you add a light around your eyes everything seems to sparkle and is full of life. A strong pouty lip always adds to confidence and makes you feel invincible. Makeup is magic.’

The real magic, Susanna tells us, comes from recognising the undertones in our skin colour and balancing the colours in our make up products accordingly. ‘If you look at your skin and see more blue or green you are cool and need to add warmth to create balance. If you see more red, pink, or yellow, to create balance you would choose a cooler tone. Balance is the secret to perfect skin.’

The beauty of OPIVU is that all their products are blendable and contain all the colours of the light spectrum, which essentially means they’ll always match the unique skin tones of any of today’s strong, global, multi-dimensional women. To prove that OPIVU has a palette to suit and enhance every skin type and personality, Susanna’s exclusively revealed to YCB how she would make up a number of our favourite celebs:

Kate Middleton

Powder: Blonde, Eyeshadow: Alabaster / Gold Minx, Eyeliner: Bark, Mascara: Lashmere, Blush: Coral Sun, Lipstick: Hot Topic

Reese Witherspoon

Powder: Shell, Brow blender: Blonde, Eyeshadow: Cashmere, Eyeliner: Granite, Blush: Pink Quartz, Lipstick: Clueless, Lip liner: Taffy


Powder: Tender, Eyeshadow: Cashmere / Bronzite, Eyeliner: Bark, Mascara: Lashmere, Blush: Coral Sun, Lipstick: Girl Next Door

Halle Berry

Halle Berry - OPIVU

Powder: Sand, Eyeshadow: Volcanic Ash, Eyeliner: Onyx, Mascara: Lashmere, Blush: Garden, Lipstick: Gaspberry

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney - OPIVU

Powder: Tender, Eyeshadow: Nova / Cashmere, Eyeliner: Onyx, Mascara: Lashmere, Lipstick: Myan Sun

Lupita Nyong’o

Powder: Chestnut, Eyeshadow: Brazilian Nut / Moonstone, Eyeliner: Onyx, Mascara: Lashmere, Blush: Garden, Lipstick: Siren Stare, Lip liner: Spice

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