5 Handbags We Can’t Wait To Wear This Spring

5 handbags we can’t wait to wear this spring

Great handbags for Spring

Out with the old, in with the new! We know that spring seems so far away but trust us, the time will go by quickly. As cliché as it may sound, there is so much beauty in starting fresh. Dietary cleanses are a dime a dozen, why not add fashion to your resolution list? It’s a new year and an even better you! With holiday celebrations a distant memory and the weather cold and dreary, we can’t wait for some warmer sunshine and new trends in the coming months! In the meantime, ease the pain of these cold winter months by looking at a collection of handbags we are so excited about.

The right accessories can make or break any outfit. One accessory in particular is important on both a function level and a fashion level: the handbag. Several factors are important when selecting the right clutch purse, including size, colour, versatility, material, structure, and cost. These five handbags will get us ready for spring in style….


Shop the looks: 1. Ruth Leather Bag in Croc Effect, 2. Yelena Leather Shoulder Bag, 3. Sara Hobo Leather Bag, 4. Cecile Leather Bag, 5. Tala Tote in Leather

Based in The Netherlands, Omoa Store focuses on style, quality, and practicality while reflecting the latest trends convenient for the working woman, perfect for casual or professional occasions. The founder, Marilva Berrenstein, strives to create a unique and intimate experience for the customer. Whether you live a casual and relaxed life or you are a busy mother or you are a business woman always on the go, Omoa Store’s leather handbags have an authentic style that also providing top-notch quality. It is not just about fabulous products and fabulous quality, but it is also about living your best life and finding beautiful pieces tailored to your exact needs.

How do you know which style will best fit you and your needs? Depending on where you plan to go with your handbag, selecting the right size for your body is key. Since handbags are designed in different shapes and sizes, it is so important for them to look proportionate to the person wearing them. Colour and versatility are equally important. The colour a woman selects often relates to the outfit she intends to wear whether she plans to use it often or for one special occasion in particular. In order to get the best value for your money, you should be mindful in selecting a style you can wear with several different looks.

Along the same vein, be mindful that you are selecting the right size for your belongings. Aside from looking right with a particular body type, a handbag should also look good holding everything that it needs to hold inside of it. If your handbag is bulging at the seams, it may be time to switch to a larger model. Shoppers should keep in mind their own personal tendencies when picking the right size. Styles too large encourage women to carry more than they need, which makes their accessory unnecessarily bulky. On the other hand, styles too small can lead to over-stuffing, which can either damage the bag itself or simply look distracting and take away from the most important part of the look, you!

Within this market specifically, the two main factors that influence the selection of a handbags represented by the Omoa Store are functionality, aesthetics and storage capacity. Career women are becoming more daring with their style selections: we love the products at Omoa Store because they represent you oh-so-stylishly while also allowing for flexibility and mobility. It is the best of all worlds!

Not only do we love everything about this adorable shop and handbags collection, but we love the prices even more! Omoa Store offers gorgeous pieces to fulfill the fashionable and chic look without breaking the bank. Sounds like a win-win. We can’t wait to get our hands on these handbags!

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