Laura Heilman, Founder And CEO Of STIKS COSMETIKS Has Chosen Four Of Her Favorite STIKS Lipsticks For Valentine’s Day!

Laura Heilman, Founder and CEO of STIKS COSMETIKS has chosen four of her favorite STIKS Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day!

When it comes to holidays, Valentine’s Day can be such a mixed bag. Whether you’re head over heels in love with the day (and your significant other) or planning on spending the day watching rom coms and eating chocolate with your favourite girls, there’s definitely a great way for you to spend your February 14th.

Personally, one of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is the excuse to dress up: red dresses, curled hair, and most importantly, bold beauty looks. While I like to pretend that I know something about make up, here at Your Coffee Break, we wanted to make sure you had professional help in getting you to look Valentine’s Day perfect. We talked with Laura Heilman, the founder of the cosmetics company STIKS, to get all the tricks and tips on picking the right colours this Valentine’s Day.

STIKS COSMETIKS is the brainchild of Laura: a business woman and inventor who had a mission of redesigning the shape of cosmetics packaging to become something easy, quick, and convenient. “In today’s always-on-the-go world, I always want my lipstick at the ready and be able to apply it while doing other things. I love that STIKS keeps your lips looking bold and beautiful without the hassle of traditional clunky, two-handed lipsticks,” she said.

While eyeshadows, blush, and all of those other fun products are just as important, there’s one part of your beauty routine that has to be absolute on point when it comes to Valentine’s day: your lipstick. Whether you’re planning on kissing a special someone or just making a statement, a pretty lipstick is your go-to.

The first colour Laura suggests wearing this holiday? Tangerine!

tangerine lips for Valentine's Day

“It’s basically my signature color! I wear it all the time and it’s perfect to wear for Valentine’s Day as it looks beautiful with red and pink hues. It’s so bright and pretty, it adds just the right amount of ‘POP’ to any outfit or look, day or night!”

Next up, Laura suggests a classic red lip for your look!

bold red lips for Valentine's Day

“It’s rich and creamy. Not too bright, not too dark–the perfect shade of red. If you’re wearing your sexy little black dress, this IS the lipstick you need to wear. Your lips will be totally irresistible!”

If you’re looking for something a bit more sultry, Laura recommends a beautiful burgundy. “STIKS Burgundy Lipstik is sooo luxurious and rich that I feel like I’m wearing velvet on my lips. It’s just the right color to add depth to any look not to mention it’s this season IT color. This is the choice for the sophisticated lady doing dinner uptown.”

Burgundy lips for Valentine's Day

Lastly, if you’re going for something a bit more understated, try a simple nude. “Nothing screams look at how gorgeous and sexy I am like nude lips and a smoky eye! Our nude is spectacular with just the right amount of color in a creamy, long-lasting lipstick. Not too fleshy, not too pink, it’s juuuust right.”

Nude lips for Valentine's Day

And the best part about STIKS Lipstiks? You don’t have to choose just one. You can easily load up to three STIKS into the slick STIK Kit and have multiple colors to choose from throughout the day. Pack up a nude for the day and a bold red for the evening, without carrying around an entire make up bag. As a perk, there’s a mirror attached to the front of the case for easy touch-ups and quick lipstick changes throughout the day. The flat packaging also allows the lipsticks to slip into a back pocket, a flat wallet, or a tiny clutch, so you can always be sure to have one on hand.

STIKS read the minds of women everywhere and attached the cap as a flip-top so you never need two hands to apply lipstick again.

Easy, convenient, hassle-free, and beautiful? Sounds like my kind of Valentine’s Day.

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