Macaroons For Your Feet: Loly In The Sky Puts A Spring In Your Step!

Macaroons for your feet: Loly in the Sky puts a spring in your step!

Loly in the Sky

If you’re anything like us, you will have been hooked on New Girl since season one. We’re not sure whether it’s because we’d quite like Zooey Deschanel to be our best friend, or because the show has an amazing ability to always put us in a good mood, but what we do know is that the entire 30 minutes will be spent lusting after Zooey’s style and wondering if we could pull off such delightfully quirky ensembles.

For us the challenge is in working out when the bow in our hair and rucksack on our back has made us cross the line from serious fashionista to five-year-old school child. But we’ve uncovered a little fashion gem that we know will get the kooky / stylish balance just right every time: Loly In The Sky are convinced they’ve found us a way of expressing our inner ‘dorkyness’ without compromising our professional style. No matter what the question, shoes are always the answer.

Cake for your feet

‘Life should be enjoyed; there should always be something to smile about in your shoes’, says Lorena. We love this sentiment, but most important is the fact that Lorena recognises that not everyone has the same style, and that every woman has the potential to wake up each morning wanting to sport a slightly different style to the day before.  As a result, her current collection is pretty eclectic: ‘you have to have shoes to fit every mood, and everyone knows us girls have plenty of moods!’ What brings Lorena’s collection together, and what makes her designs so unique, is that each has a little quirky twist that will certainly put a spring in your step. In fact, Lorena described wearing her Maude shoes as wearing pearls on her feet – what a fabulous idea!

Loly in the Sky

Whether it’s the tassels on Maude or the bows on Coco, each pair of Lorena’s shoes is eye catching in its own individual way. Rather than taking inspiration from one time period or one particular designer, Lorena envies and is inspired by those who don’t take fashion too seriously. Above the importance of fashions and changing trends is making women happy by ensuring Lorena shoes don’t pinch their toes or their purses. Huge emphasis is put on comfort as most of the collection is made up of flats, with a few pairs of wedges also making an appearance. Although Lorena isn’t averse to adding more heels in the future, she says that flats will always be Loly In The Sky’s staple, as you can’t compromise on comfort. As women who have often attempted the London commute in painful heels, we can’t help but agree.

For us, the ladybug printed Claire shoes epitomise summer fashion. A wedge will always strike the perfect balance between practicality and style; that little added height can instantly transform a look. Lorena (who writes an incredible fashion blog so we definitely trust every word she says) thinks the best way to style the Claires is with a vintage dress. Get us to that garden party, we can almost smell the Pimms!

Adorable wedge shoes

Loly in the Sky

With cute tasselled fronts, the Maude shoes are completely office appropriate, and are smart enough be styled up or down without losing that all important kooky edge. Draw the eye down to the stunning iridescent shoes with a cigarette pant for work, and spice them up with a co-ord for Friday night cocktails.

Slogan tees are everywhere at the moment, and now we’re planning on making a statement with our footwear too. Lorena’s collection features three pairs of worded shoes, and we say keep your outfit simple with a classic plain white tee and denim combo to let CarolineEstelle and Monique do the talking.

Whether quirky is your middle name, or you’re only just gearing up to unleash your inner dork, Loly In The Sky shoes can always be styled to best express your kind of kook.

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Florentyna Dalloz

Florentyna is the Editorial Assistant at Your Coffee Break. When not at YCB she’s an English Literature student who spends most of her time enjoying a cup of tea, writing to-do lists, reading very old books, and desperately trying to perfect the 'smoky eye'.