Seaside Style: Get Alessandra Ambrosio’s Beach-Ready Look!

Seaside Style: Get Alessandra Ambrosio’s beach-ready look!

Alessandra Ambrosio wears Rotary

There’s a time and a place for everything, but the beach is generally not the place for a timepiece. As a general rule it’ll just be a nuisance and will stop working when you inevitably forget to take it off before dashing in to the crashing waves for a cooling splash. We’ve always thought this arm candy ban was a shame: every beach babe knows that a little clever accessorising can transform a bikini from bland to breath taking, plus on a practical level how are we meant to know when it’s Happy Hour time at the beach hut bar?

Rotary have just solved all our timekeeping and seaside style problems. Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio had the right idea earlier this week when she played blissfully in the sea with two year old son Noah and five year old daughter Anja. Safe in the knowledge that her stunning rose gold plated watch could withstand anything a day at the beach could throw at her, Alessandra was free to enjoy her family holiday (and look astonishingly gorgeous doing so!)

The 33 year old, who’s modelled for Armani Exchange, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren, paired a patterned blue bikini with reflective sunnies and rope bracelets, but it was her Rotary watch that stole the show. Crisp white leather and sparkling diamonds are always going to be a perfect choice against tanned skin. From now on we’re not wasting time on any other watches, this is the one we want to sport on our last minute poolside summer holiday and our autumn treat spa weekend with the girls.

Get the supermodel’s look here!

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