Gyunel: Fashion For The Modern Woman

Gyunel: Fashion for the modern woman

What woman doesn’t love fashion week? All those lust-worthy looks strutting down the runway from the world’s hottest designers! Here at YCB, one of our favourite fashion week pastimes is spying on the incredible street style that the four fashion capitals provide us with. Where Milan excels in excess, New York oozes simplicity, London is trend focused, and our beloved Paris is nouveau artsy in a way that we hope Londoners will pick up on next time LFW comes around. One of our favourite gothic inspired looks in Paris came from Gyunel, who’s artistic way with fashion had us excitedly searching on our phones in the middle of Paris. We sat down with Gyunel Rustamova to get the low down on the brand, the Gyunel woman and the coveted couture collection.

Gyunel, of Turkish origin, means ‘people’s sunshine’ and ‘morning breeze’, according to the designer which is a beautiful thought as many of the pieces have such fluidity that they have that effortless ‘blowing in the breeze’ look, and the prints Gyunel uses are like a fashionista’s Vitamin D! What could be more fitting? An artist first and foremost, Gyunel had always envisioned starting a label from the age of 15, ‘I just needed the knowledge, the experience, confidence, savings and maturity, which felt right when I turned 28.’. Despite continuing with art separately, displaying in galleries and exhibitions, it still plays a hugely important role in designing for the label. Gyunel plays with mixed media before it is transferred to a fabric print, constantly pushing her creativity to the next level. ‘Somehow the two disciplines co-exist together, yet separately. I guess there is a need within me to explore both.’


Olivia Palermo's favourite label Gyunel

Based in both Couture and Ready-To-Wear, Gyunel’s talent has developed naturally into this luxury sector. ‘I have room for a different kind of creativity with the Couture, I am able to let my imagination run wild and push the boundaries with shape, concept and fabrication.’ she tells us. Whilst ready to wear has that staple quality, offering essentials with that signature Gyunel twist, the couture line is one of a kind, and an extension of this is their bespoke service with each piece made to measure and with the input of the clients.

Gyunel AW 14 LFW ShowI am so grateful to have met so many women who have inspired me creatively.’ She muses when we ask about the Gyunel woman. ‘She is smart, stylish and independent. I like the idea of a woman who would surprise you in the way she dresses despite her profession, age or background.’ This is evident when looking at the AW14 ready to wear collection, with each piece modern and bold against these soft feminine blouses and and unique prints, for a women who breaks up black with a striking print, or who wants to maximise on colour with a bold turquoise blouse and skirt combo. There are so many ways to have fun with the Gyunel collection, and we have our eye on so many pieces from the line. When preppy feels over done, London Fashion Week-goers should be having fun with fashion and Gyunel is exactly the injection of colour and print that Somerset House has been missing.

Using such intriguing prints sets Gyunel apart from other designers, particularly considering her artistic background, and this has a huge impact on inspiration for the collections. ‘I do take inspiration from my childhood memories, my grandmothers’ wardrobes, historical fashion, my own imagination, surrealism, gothic architecture, etc.’ We love the Gothic feel to the AW14 collection and the use of deep royal colours like turquoise and purple, one notable addition we noticed was the gargoyles hidden amongst the prints. Gyunel describes them as ‘cute creatures and not grotesque figures’, and judging these divine prints there is nothing grotesque about them.

Gyunel LFW

A key part of working with Gothic designs is that pieces can toe the line between dark and romantic, often seen at Valentino, and Gyunel’s looks strike the perfect balance. The designer explains, ‘If I tried to be too romantic or girly, just because florals are very in or sell really well etc., it would not be me. Also my designs could never be too edgy, even though I have that dark vision it has a fun twist to it.’ This balance stops the collection trying to be too trendy, but at the same time still sellable and Gyunel have this down to an art now. ‘I do follow trends and forecasts but most of the time I go against them. I’m a firm believer in not following the flow.’



Here at YCB we are always on the lookout for a new desk to dinner designer, and Gyunel pieces can be dressed up and down so easily. The wide range of shift dresses can be worn with ease in the office before switching up a clutch and heels for after work occasions. ‘The Gyunel silhouette is never too low cut or revealing, we go for a more sophisticated look that will flatter the figure without giving too much away.’ The ‘smart yet flirty’ vibe from Gyunel is exactly the look we need this coming season, and we can’t wait to style some of the pieces at Fashion Week in September. We quizzed Gyunel on what she thought would catch the eye of fashionistas at Somerset House, ‘Our organza ‘cape’ shirt from AW14 is the perfect Fashion Week item that will have the fashion bloggers snapping away.’ And although fashion week attendees are there for the latest trends, something about her desire to go against the grain of fashion is sure to prove popular with bloggers and editors looking for that something different.

The question remains, is London ready to embrace the Gyunel style? ‘I think that London is amazing in that it is one of the most fashionably diverse cities in Europe and I would definitely say that Londoners embrace the individual and are open to exploring new styles.’ Look out for Gyunel as the brand continues to grow and you’re sure to spot it on a Londoner soon.

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