Step Into Success With George Blue!

Step into success with George Blue!

Rebecca Walters - George Blue

It’s all well and good looking fabulous in your new stilettos when you’re sitting still at your desk, but the glamorous illusion is quickly shattered when you get up to leave for the day only to reveal painful blisters and a slight limp. Founder of George Blue, Rebecca Walters, has the perfect solution in the form of luxurious, elegant and blissfully comfortable sandals, handmade in Italian leather. Being sure to create the smallest possible footprint in Tuscany where all their fine leather is sourced, the sandal is perfect for ensuring you look effortlessly stylish and professional when stepping into the office at 9 am, after your morning commute, with coffee in hand and at the same time remain comfortable before switching into your heels ready to take on the day!

Spotting a gap in the market for casual luxe footwear, former investment banker Rebecca Walters chose to give up her successful career in finance in 2012 after working at high profile companies such as Goldman Sachs, to follow her heart and pursue a profession in luxury fashion. “Throughout my years in finance, I always harboured dreams of setting up my own fashion business and, eventually, in 2012 I felt the time had come to follow those dreams. George Blue was the result.” Rebecca explains. And for that, we at Your Coffee Break will be eternally grateful. However, Rebecca’s past very much continues to play a part in her current endeavours with George Blue. A degree from the London School of Economics has put a strong business head on her shoulders. The inspiring entrepreneur then travelled the world and decided to move to Asia. “I love to travel, and I was lucky enough to travel through my 20’s. A move overseas was a natural extension to that, so in 2007 I moved from London to Asia.” She tells YCB. This keen interest in discovering and celebrating new cultures is evident in the exotic designs of George Blue footwear (although Rebecca insists that she’s definitely still English at heart; “I may have been living in Asia for the past seven years, but I’m most definitely English. I’m all about starting my mornings with a cup tea, strong, with a dash of milk.”)

Rebecca tends to stay closer to home now. The life of a founder of a start-up company can be hectic, forcing her to take on many responsibilities on a daily basis; “From design work for the upcoming collection of sandals, to doing the company finances, to publicity, marketing and sales, it’s a case of doing whatever needs to be done.” But she cites her son George as the constant in her life. As long as she can enjoy breakfast with her little one, do the school run and tuck him into bed, the driven entrepreneur is more than happy to then be at her desk late in to the evening.

George Blue sandals

Looking for ways to dress up the sandal for work, we were keen to hear about how this working mother dresses up for business. Living in Singapore, the heat dictates Rebecca’s work wardrobe;“Singapore is hot all year round so I will always be in something cool to combat the heat such as floaty silk tops and cropped trousers or a fun shift dress – and of course, a pair of George Blues!” Rebecca’s personal style advice is to never sacrifice comfort for fashion, especially in the workplace, and she has stuck to this mantra in creating the George Blue sandal. “Find out what suits you and play with variations on that theme,” She adds.“If I find a particular pair of trousers that are my ‘perfect fit’, I’ll buy them in 3 different colours!” We suggest doing the same with George Blues – you’d be hard pressed to choose just one design for your Summer wardrobe anyway!

George Blue savannah python sandal

We love the new Maremma collection; the Savannah Python and Ocean Python sandals are particularly fashion forward. Inspired by the exotic, the new George Blue collection includes stunning animal embossed leathers and showcases classic designs in daring palettes of ocean blues, burnt orange and emerald greens without sacrificing its dedication to that timeless, easy-to-wear feel. Pair the Ocean Python with a white chiffon blouse, maxi skirt and a cute blazer or opt for a more sleek look and pair the Savannah Python with a satin trim jumpsuit, oversized blazer and statement necklace. Keep your heels or booties in your tote to effortlessly take on the ‘I’m -all-business-and-no-fluff-look’

George Blue sandalsWhether en route to the office or wandering along the beach in your George Blues leaving elegant footprints in the sand, you should know that you’ll be wearing footwear that strives to create the smallest footprint possible. Social responsibility is ingrained in to the very culture of the company. This is the case not only in the way materials are sourced and manufactured, but also in George Blue’s efforts to bring about long term and impactful change to Malawi. “I traveled to Malawi several years ago and was captivated by the warmth, character and attitude I encountered from a group of people who are amongst the poorest in the world.” Rebecca tells us. “Making a donation to Maloto from every sale of a pair of George Blue sandals was a tangible way I could give something back to those less fortunate than me.’  As for the future, Rebecca hopes for evolution to be part of the plan, not only responding to changes in taste and style, but also expanding in to a collection of luxe lifestyle products, making the brand synonymous with understated luxury.

It comes without saying that this is all we need to know for finding a permanent place in our wardrobe for a fine selection of Rebecca’s gorgeous design. And now we’re making it easier for you to get a slice of that luxury yourself by teaming up with George Blue to offer 15% off of sandals for Your Coffee Break readers. Shop online at and entering promo code: GB-YCB at the checkout between May 7th and June 30th.

Now there’s no excuse not to make our favourite sandals your Spring/Summer staple!

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