Our Secret To The Everlasting Manicure: The Beauty Rooms

Our secret to the everlasting manicure: The Beauty Rooms

The Beauty Rooms

Here at YCB, our hectic lives spare us little time to breathe, let alone sit down and give ourselves a break. Inevitably we’re left feeling (and looking) exhausted! Which is why The Beauty Rooms in Fulham is the saviour of busy women like ourselves, famous for their everlasting manicure. We swear, whether it is an express mani, topcoat or the full shellac experience, the ladies at The Beauty Rooms have taken us through press trips, London and Paris Fashion Week, looking absolutely fabulous! They provide fantastic personalised service whether you’re looking for an indulgent pampering session to escape the reality of city life, or a shellac manicure before you dash off to an important client meeting or press launch.

The Beauty Rooms pride themselves not only on their carefully chosen treatments, but also on their high standard of customer service. With two generations worth of beauty knowledge under one roof, as well as a staff all trained in Dermalogica skin care, you will always be prescribed the best products for you, your skin and your needs.

We might deal with nerve-wracking presentations and intimidating bosses on a daily basis but often nothing induces more fear in a woman than the idea of a wax. Fear not. The Beauty Room’s therapists will put you at ease – their Brazilian is known for being a fuss-free, painless (dare I say even pleasant?!) experience.

Another wake-up-sweating nightmare scenario is the one in which you find yourself with a drastically shorter hair cut than you asked for after the stylist got scissor-happy without stopping to ask your opinion. You’ll be able to sleep easy after an eyebrow tint or tanning session with a patient and accommodating Beauty Rooms beautician.

If the thing that seems to have mysteriously slipped down your priority list recently is hitting the gym then The Beauty Rooms may be able to help you get your weight loss goal back on track. They offer both single sessions and courses of Arasys, a unique inch loss treatment that works in only 17 minutes to give you the equivalent results as 300 sit ups and 400 buttock raises.

Or perhaps it’s your skin that’s being neglected, and the stress of your demanding life is starting to show on your face. In which case, The Beauty Rooms has a number of indulgent facials designed to restore optimum skin health and reveal clear, glowing skin. If you have less time then opt for the express facial, ensuring you’re ready to dazzle clients later on in the day.

With a wide range of leading brands including Dermalogica, Fake Bake, Gelish, OPI, California Tan, Glam Glow and Redlight The Beauty Rooms has the pampering products and the expert experience to make sure you leave looking and feeling fabulous. Plus, three days a week they’re open until 8pm – perfect for us coffee addicts who like to stay late at the office!

The Beauty Rooms, 14 Bawes Road, Fulham, London SW6 7EN; + 44 (0) 207 381 6394

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