The London Lookbook: Pink And Orange

The London Lookbook: Pink and orange

Rosa Hoskins

I’m a sucker for things that should be wrong, but are in actual fact fabulous. Pink and orange is one of those combos that is extremely discordant, but somehow the clash brings about cacophonous colour alchemy. I can’t help but be cheerful when I’m wearing these riotous colours. I get some curious looks when I’m walking down the street in this look, most probably because I’m wearing colours that are usually seen on a children’s puppet, however it bothers me not. I like wearing things that other people wouldn’t, I may not always be the best dressed person in the room but I’m usually the most jolly.

I’ve long abandoned any attempt at being cool, it doesn’t suit me and I usually end up flat on my face. I’m too clumsy and too enthusiastic to ever pass for one of those easy-breezy women who are dripping nonchalance. I’ll never be a Kate Moss or Emmanuelle Alt; these style mavens do understated, effortless chic like no one else. I’m more like a something out of Fraggle Rock, my bouncy personality will forever be drawn to the bright and cheerful as apposed to traditional good taste.

How do you wear the pink and orange combo?

how to wear pink and orange

This is a very old blouse from Whistles, which has made many an appearance in my style repertoire. Its vivid hue is good for warming up my pale complexion and looks great paired with a bright pink lip. This skirt if from Carven, I usually avoid satin like the plague, but this slightly dulled fabric avoids looking like a bridesmaid’s outfit. I love contrasting this luxe burnt orange with other strong colours. It also works a treat with royal blue and navy.

Rosa Hoskins

Rosa is an actress and writer living and working in London. She is also the writer behind Haute Hoskins (, where she talks trends, new designers and vintage fashion with a dash of social commentary.