What You Must Consider When Returning To University

What you must consider when returning to university

what you must consider when going back to university

There are as many motives for returning to university as there are ways we love our coffee.

Possibly life threw up an unexpected obstacle and a degree was left unfinished prompting a mature student to pursue the satisfaction of completing it. Alternatively, the incentive might be entirely career orientated, with a degree (or even an additional qualification) opening doors to better job opportunities than your current nine-to-five.

Whatever the reason may be, any determined woman considering going back to higher education needs to think about a few practicalities.

Good academic support

Us ladies usually have a list of responsibilities as long as Rapunzel’s hair, be it a hectic family life to juggle, finances to manage and not to mention all the obligations of a full time job. These don’t leave a lot of time for effective study.

Even the most diligent time-manager can’t foresee a family emergency which could disrupt the strict deadlines of the workplace and sometimes no matter how resolute your dedication, times seems to disappear faster than coffee on a Monday morning.

In times of need the most savvy amongst us know that it pays to know when to ask for help and where to find it. This is where an academic support company such as Ivory Research can be so useful. The writing services they provide are undertaken with the collaboration of the student so the experience is educational resulting in a report, essay or presentation that is an excellent reference tool for future assignments.

Funding a course of study

Of course, finances play a big part in higher education and any mature student who plans to be in it for the long haul needs to ensure that the costs of the course are duly accounted for. Unlike that third pair of shoes you purchased last weekend, there is no getting a refund if you change your mind or decide that your bank balance can’t manage any more.

Funding your course could be through a bank loan, a grant or the proceeds of a salary. Some courses can be paid for in instalment; others have to be paid for upfront so it’s worth doing your research to find what makes the most sense for yourself.

Whatever your situation, as a prospective student, you need to plan for the end of the academic programme and consider how to cover any financial eventualities that might affect your study.


Before embarking on an academic course, it is important to make a plan that will enable you to complete all assignments without a serious meltdown. Good time management is essential and many people overlook the time constraints which re-entering education can bring. You might have managed on no sleep and cramming during your teens but studying as an adult is a different beast.

Will it be feasible to juggle family and study commitments? How will your manager feel about an early departure for class? These are all questions you need to ask.

Academic imagination

One of the most important parts of an academic programme is the dissertation. It’s in this piece of work that you’ll crystallise your best ideas and demonstrate your creativity and understanding of the subject.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Whether you have so many ideas you don’t know how to choose or so few that you don’t know where to start, it can be a daunting task. Dissertation thesis ideas don’t have to be difficult to formulate if the necessary academic support and expertise is available so it’s important you seek this where necessary.

Any professional woman who is serious about her career will tell you that the key to success is playing to your strengths and asking for help when needed. Apply the same strong work ethic when re-entering education and you’ll breeze your way to a first class degree!

Lauren Hannmann

Lauren is 23 years old and is the Features Writer for Your Coffee Break. She currently lives in London while attending to her Master’s studies in Fashion, Design, and Luxury Management. She originally hails from Upstate New York and attended to her undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering in the sister state of Massachusetts. When not working for the magazine or studying, Lauren can be found sifting through various fashion articles, shopping for the latest styles, spending time with friends, or reading a novel preferably with crashing waves in the background.

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