Exclusive Video: Victoria Beckham Talks Fashion

Exclusive Video: Victoria Beckham Talks Fashion

Victoria Beckham shares the secret to owning a successful clothing line in a panel session at the Vogue Festival 

Victoria Beckham Vogue Festival 2013

During the Vogue Festival, Victoria Beckham talked about her transition from her life as a pop star to her life as a fashion designer. After always dreaming of working in the fashion industry, she took the plunge six years ago and decided to create her own line, without any licensing or partnerships.

“I didn’t want to prove anyone wrong, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it,” she says.

With the help of her team, she has developed one of the most popular fashion lines, and if we dare to say, possibly the most successful celebrity clothing line. Her team is small, but they are growing by occasionally adding new people into the mix.

“I have the same team as when I started over six years ago,” says Victoria. “They are all incredibly talented, passionate, focused. They love what they do.”

She knows that her line will be more successful when she has a team of motivated employees. For that reason, Victoria strongly believes in helping her employees succeed, and she loves to promote from within her company.

“I have a few people that started out with me as interns, but they now have high level jobs in marketing, press and sales as well,” says Beckham.

Her favorite part of owning her own fashion line? Getting to do whatever she wants, of course. Victoria says that she loves to challenge herself, and does so by creating two different lines- one that is the classic Victoria Beckham line with pieces that she knows her clients want, and another line that she can push herself and take a risk with new shapes and trends. She also creates a capsule collection to exclusively sell online.

“I have a capsule collection where I bring back my favorite dresses from past seasons and reinterpret them slightly to sell exclusively on my site,” Victoria says.

The former pop star and David Beckham’s wife (she is such a lucky woman) knows what women want to wear, so we are definitely glad her Victoria Beckham line is growing. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Watch the video of the panel session here:  


Photo courtesy of: vogue.co.uk

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