Suki Shufu: Upgrade Your Yoga Gear Just In Time For Summer

Suki Shufu: Upgrade Your Yoga Gear Just In Time For Summer

Chic and contemporary London-based label Suki Shufu is rapidly establishing a name for itself amongst both active-wear lovers and street style enthusiasts. Designed by Caroline White, who contains an acute understanding of the importance of both quality and function required for active wear after spending numerous years in both dance and swim wear, Suki Shufu is enthralled to finally share their first covetable active wear collection entitled Suki Leatherbacks.

Caroline White, whose collection of Suki Leatherbacks is described as “soft as butter” and feels like a second skin, made the decision to start up her own business after finding herself looking for the right balance between her career life and personal life. “For fourteen years I worked long and stressful hours in the City of London, my life became work focused and very out of balance” White shares. “When redundancy followed I was forced to re-evaluate my life and my priorities, it also gave me the additional time to plan my next move.

Kings Road Sporting Club currently carries the entire Suki Leatherback range and they also stock a complete collection of Suki Shufu’s accessories. One of London’s premiere department stores, Harrods, will stock the active wear later this year but you can still visit the department store today and shop from Suki Shufu’s accessories collection, available on the fifth floor.

ebba zingmarkSuki Leatherbacks are cherished not only by the active enthusiast, but are equally celebrated amongst the fashion industry’s favorite bloggers, celebrities and street-style regulars alike. With its fabric containing a four way stretch and featuring a low-rise waist, cut slightly higher at the back to stop unwanted exposure, Swedish trendsetter and fashion blogger Ebba Zingmark has dictated the Suki Leatherback as the perfect go-to garment for travel, especially when traveling via airplane.

Ebba Zingmark, who declares that she has made it a habit of always travelling in leggings or tights such as Suki Leatherbacks, is not the only trendsetter who is stepping out in these must-have leggings whose waistband and trims are crafted from a pyc leatherette fabric. From Rihanna to Rita Ora, stars have been taking a note from Suki Shufu and rocking patterned leggings paired with a matching Suki Shufu top, sweater, oversized sunnies, and standout kicks.

Whether sported by an avid dancer or photographed on an A-list Hollywood starlet Suki Shufu, whose title name derives from a Japanese background – “Suki” meaning “I like” or “favorite” in Japanese and “Shufu” translating to “housewife”, continues to combine exquisite and standout bespoke prints with various statement color choices and different textures for a chic and contemporary finish.

With an innate understanding of the importance of quality and function, Caroline White successfully marries her love of fashion and her desire to produce a better product of active wear in her premium collection of Suki Leatherbacks that easily transition from a workout staple piece to an everyday standout garment.

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