The Gadget Invasion: Tech Inspired Prints for Fall

Tech inspired prints light up this fall’s fashion trends with visual stories that are definitely not for the fainthearted. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, MP3 player, a camera or a radio, gadgets are invading our daily routine and our wardrobe as well.

From gadgets featured on prints to digital patterns and high-tech fabrics, here are some of our favorite tech inspired trends for this fall.

Gadget inspired prints

Typewriters, rotary phones or watches are some of the tech items that inspired and transcended onto print master Mary Katrantzou’s edgy colored, structured silhouettes. A mesmerizing collection that made us think these women can’t handle everything.

Another favourite was Tata Naka’s Motown themed autumn/winter 2012 collection, which made us breathe retro feel and caught our tech savvy eye with this fun vintage camera print.

Tech inspired prints by Mary Katrantzou

Digital patterns

From digitally manipulated photos to signs and symbols, digital patterns are definite showstoppers this fall. Our favourites include Louise Gray’s edgy QR code and RSS inspired looks and the feminine, digitally manipulated photo patterns from Nicole Miller.

Tech inspired prints by Louise Gray, Nicole Miller

High-tech fabrics

Beyond the visual overlapping of tech and fashion there is more that meets the eye.

Designers like Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein are bringing high-tech fabrics to the 2012 fall/winter trends. “A surrealistic approach to fabric manipulation” says Alexander Wang about the idea of shrink-wrap, lamination, covering up and lacquering. (Sounds complicated… check out our favorite looks.)

High-tech fabrics by Alexander Wang


From Mary Katrantzou’s structured visual stories to Louise Gray’s edgy mix of prints and Alexander Wang’s fabric innovation, tech is one of the hottest things to wear this fall.

Eniko Laszlo

Eniko is a tech Marketer and PR girl from Transylvania. Fashionista at heart, she worked with an advertising agency and an alternative theatre and is currently strategizing at a mobile tech start-up. Drinks her espresso first thing in the morning, while tweeting as @EnikoLaszlo.