The Double Edged Sword of Football Fame

The double edged sword of football fame

The double edged sword of football fame

When we first think of celebs, and the Hollywood culture of fame and all that glitz and glam, we tend to let our minds wander to the latest ensemble worn by Kim Kardashian, or the Beckham’s most recent relationship woes. And yet there are plenty of sports personalities we tend to forget about due to their occupations, easily overlooking that in terms of income and lifestyle, they are among the most infamous.

A prime example of this is Cristiano Ronaldo. The seasoned 31 year old player has been in the limelight for many a year now due to his successful career that has dominated the footballing community. However, he is probably best known to the rest of us, the non-sporting world, as a poster boy for football. His dashing good looks and dapper dress sense tend to win hearts of women and men across the country. His physique combined with his complementary style has won him countless titles of being among some of the best dressed men in football, but all that coverage hasn’t come without a price. In fact, if we take a closer look at his career, there are quite a few incidents and scandals that Ronaldo would like us all to forget.

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What would footballers be without the odd sex scandal? Sadly for the Portuguese star, he seems to have a knack of getting himself into trouble when it comes to the opposite sex; he has a certain reputation for having an excessively high libido. Which is why he has donned the newspapers plenty of times. A particularly interesting one having been reported back in 2007 when five shared a passionate night with him at his then Manchester abode.

Thankfully, while his personal life still sizzles with gossip surrounding his most recent conquests, the playboy esque footballer seems to be making the news this month for something other than all those sex sandals: he has a new girlfriend. It is a far cry from recent Euro 2016 news, where he was mentioned on websites like FootieLive and forums in droves after his national team’s spectacular win. However, it goes to show how fickle his fame truly is – in a matter of weeks interest has shifted from his skills on the field to his skills elsewhere.

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We doubt it will be too long before Ronaldo invades news once again, such is his turbulent notoriety. Even though we can’t be certain as to why he will be the focus of our attention, we do know that for good or ill, the double edged sword of his fame will have us gripped once more.

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