Best Dressed Of The Week: Diane Kruger On Good Morning America

From parties to premieres, Kimberlee Oo brings us the weekly red carpet wrap-up.

Diane Kruger Good Morning America

I have a bit of a soft spot for Diane Kruger. Not only do her and Joshua Jackson make the world’s cutest couple, but she also oozes style and sophistication in with every single Chanel-clad step.

This week, Diane’s been running around town to promote her new film The Host. Looking impeccable in a multi-print Preen dress, the 36-year-old star made a guest appearance on Good Morning America.

Clashing prints are definitely hard to do (I’m still yet to manage it), but Diane nails it, mashing up stripes, polka dots and neon like a pro. Okay, so maybe she didn’t technically do anything other than wearing the dress, she still carries it off like no one else could. The red belt adds a complimentary pop of colour, while her matching citrus heels pull her look into line.

Busy prints work best without any distraction – Diane’s messy bun and classic Chanel purse keep the focus on the dress. If you’re still a total novice at the trend (like me), play it safe with a dress before venturing out into the clashing skirt/top combo. Stripes and polka dots always work well – look for prints in similar colour tones to avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark.

Editor’s note: I really wanted to write about the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, but was rather disappointed by the red carpet. My favourite was Katy Perry in belly-baring Herve Leger, but I feel like I may be in the minority.

Anyway, here’s a pic of the newly single Katy. Haters gonna hate, but what I love the most is her bangin’ body confidence. John Mayer, eat your heart out!

Katy Perry Nickelodeon

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