Get Ready For Summer With The Lomax Way’s 7 Day Red Carpet Ready Workout

Get Ready For Summer With The Lomax Way’s 7 Day Red Carpet Ready Workout

The Lomax Way - 7 Day Red Carpet Ready Workout

Spring is finally upon us and although it might not feel like it, summer is on its way! Sigh! And as temperatures get higher, many women start to worry about getting in shape in time for the bikini season. This leads many to ‘quick fix’ diets or incredibly tough boot-camps that leave you with depleted energy, barely visible results or the common yo-yo experience: loosing quickly and piling it back on in half the time.

Here at Your Coffee Break, we have discovered an amazing new way to make you not only look better, but feel better and just in time for summer too! The secret is The Lomax Way.

You might have heard us chatting away about our new go-to gym in Chelsea lately. It’s only because in the last few weeks we have not only lost weight but, if we do say so ourselves, we look fabulous and have felt a significant boost of energy. The key has been eating clean, many of our delicious meals coming from the café and nutrition center at Lomax, while simultaneously training hard with the gym’s dynamic personal trainers, who know how to have fun while burning those calories. So, instead of dreading the gym, we now truly love to work out!

So, what’s the new workout trend that everyone’s talking about?

The new workout trend for this Spring/Summer is The Lomax Way’s 7 Day Red Carpet Ready Workout. Unlike other fitness camps, The Lomax Way’s Red Carpet Ready System combines elements of fitness, wellbeing, and nutrition all designed to tone and shape the body to look its best in the shortest period of time. It is not necessarily about weight loss, it’s about looking and feeling your best, and at the same time gaining a better outlook on both exercise and diet.

The Lomax Way - Red Carpet Ready

Lomax are able to deliver this level of integration because of the unique way their space is designed: a Podular Gym Space, a Clinic & Spa and Café & Nutrition Centre so you experience the highest level of advice, support and comfort as well as achieve the best results you can in the time you have.

When embarking on your fitness journey, the Red Carpet Ready experts thoroughly assess your body type, current fitness level and metabolism n and tailor a package based on your needs and goals. After this initial assessment, the length of your fitness regime are discussed with a personal trainer and wellness expert. You can choose from 7 or 14 day Sculpting System a 1 or 2 month total body tone up package or even longer if you have the time.  Each is perfectly suited to prepare your body for bikini season, weddings, business events or other special events. The Lomax Way has a package suitable for everyone.

Lomax consists of daily workouts delivered by a team of fitness gurus, food prepared for you that has been specially designed by nutritionists and cooked by their in-house chefs, and finally, therapeutic treatments by movement specialists and body conditioning experts. This ensures that you get an all-round experience that betters your body and your mind.

What makes the 7 and 14-Day Red Carpet Ready unique is their way of working towards a ‘look’ rather than a target weight or size. This ‘look’ idea is usually related to a piece of clothing- say a couture or wedding dress, that dreaded bikini or any other outfit that requires areas of your body that you might not be happy with to be exposed. Using an outfit or occasion as a goal is gentler than giving yourself a strict dress size or number on the scale. Ultimately it makes the idea of dieting and a fitness regime a whole lot less menacing, and gives you the confidence to be happy in yourself.

Similarly, this system is not a tough, military inspired workout that makes you run through forests,The Lomax Way - spa combatting difficult courses and leaving you exhausted. Nor is it an indulgent spa break. It is a perfect balance of a tailor made fitness plan, guilt-free gourmet food as well as the time to reflect and relax to ensure you have a fully body and mind workout. During this experience, you will not only receive a bespoke fitness plan, healthy ready-prepared meals and treatments, you will leave with confidence in yourself and knowledge of nutrition and how to maintain your new, healthy lifestyle.

The 7 Day Program consists of the following elements:

– Daily workout – delivered in the Fitness Pod by a team of fitness experts

– Daily Menu & Food Preparation– designed by nutritionists and cooked by our in-house chefs, ready to be picked up in our café.

– Weekly therapeutic treatments – delivered in our Clinic by movement specialists and body conditioning experts

Pop in the Chelsea based Gym (293 Fulham Road, London SW10) or visit to get more information about the Red Carpet Ready System.

So grab your water bottle, head over to The Lomax Way and we’ll meet you there!

Jade Bailey-Dowling

Jade lives by the quote ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ as said by Coco Chanel. She loves vintage fashion, red lipstick and caramel lattes. Pursuing a career in fashion and beauty public relations and journalism, she wants to work in London, Paris and New York.