The Duchess Of Cambridge Is Expecting!

Following plenty of speculation throughout the year, the world has been waiting for this spectacular day to come.

After watching their love bloom and witnessing a massively royal wedding, it is about time that Kate Middleton and husband Prince William are expecting.

The soon-to-be parents announced the pregnancy to the Queen, and shortly after, the world yesterday (December 3rd) after Kate fell ill while visiting her family in Berkshire. She was taken to the King Edward VII Hospital where she spent a few days for what turned out to be hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of extreme morning sickness. Even more interesting, is that the severe illness she experienced is mostly common in women expecting twins.

Doctors report that the symptoms of her illness could continue for a few weeks, so she will be resting and will be treated by the best of the best.

After their massive royal wedding, it would only seem right that the love birds bare two heirs to the British throne. But we will have to wait and see! Now the world is left guessing the name (or names) of the inevitably gorgeous looking child of the Duchess of Cambridge and her Prince.