Boost Your Business with TikTok: Expert Tips for Gaining Followers

Struggling to grow your TikTok presence and get the most out of it for your business success? Here are the best expert tips for gaining TikTok followers in 2024 and taking your business growth to the next level.

1.   Identify your target audience.

To successfully grow your business, you not only require receiving tons of followers but also bringing followers who are the essential part of your business’s target audience. Before showing any content on the FYP or For You Page, TikTok’s algorithm matches users with the content they like the most. So, first, discover your target audience through TikTok’s insights tool, TikTok’s official advice, or other tutorials. After that, create premium-quality, easily readable, and shareable content for the demographics of your target audience.   

2.   Create content while focusing on quality over quantity.

Just like SEO, content is king on TikTok. Kate Smoothy, an SEO specialist with 33,000 followers on her TikTok account, recommends posting helpful and quality content. Remember that creating valuable content takes work. So, plan your content strategy while focusing on quality over quantity. You will need to post based on your target goals.

3.   Be authentic.

No longer are the days when highly created videos are considered the key to TikTok’s success. Rather than putting more effort into extremely produced content, try to be raw and authentic. Put your thoughts into what your TikTok account represents and then split it into granule levels. One of the best examples of this is Nick Rowley of Rowley Adventures. He has more than 576.5K fans and 16.1 million views. He only shares content about his family and all the exciting adventures they experience.

There is no façade about being authentic on TikTok. It maintains honesty by facilitating the policy of ‘what you see is what you get’. This honesty helps the audience to deeply connect with your profile and develop strong loyalty. Moreover, it saves the time and effort of creating scripted videos, finding several latest trends, and being pressurized to produce more content.    

4.   Use popular songs.

To quickly boost your TikTok followers, views, and likes, it is a good strategy to use trending songs in your videos. Discover popular sounds by clicking on the ‘Add Sound’ option at the top of a specific video and then keep scrolling to discover which sounds are more popular. Alternatively, see the TikTok ads website.

5.   A compelling and engaging video.

Some businesses create lo-fi videos for their TikTok as some creators recommend it as the perfect type of content for boosting followers. But this is one of the common mistakes that businesses must avoid as lo-fi videos appear homemade and are not professionally edited. So, to stand out from the ever-increasing competitive world, create unique videos. One professional video creator received his first 100K followers by simply posting professionally edited videos.

6.   Leverage hashtags.

Hashtags make it easier to find compilations of content users are interested in. Thus, using hashtags in your videos can help bring more followers and grow your audience. To take the best advantage of hashtags, you can use a great combination of trending hashtags, general hashtags, brand hashtags, and business-specific hashtags. Using hashtags, you can expand your search so far to find more inspiring and entertaining content.

7.   Repurpose YouTube videos.

If you use both YouTube and TikTok, then repurpose YouTube videos and use them on your TikTok account. Be sure that your original video best fits into the 9:16 vertical aspect ratio of TikTok. For this, you can expand the original video using reliable editing software. Although TikTok’s algorithm favors shorter videos, you can still upload 3-minute videos as per your requirement. Using your YouTube videos will help you save the time and effort of creating new videos from scratch.

8.   Plan and prepare video scripts.

Creating video scripts can ease the process of producing high-quality and trending content. In the beginning, TikTok’s popularity grew in response to the videos’ unscripted feed. But video scripts are useful when you want to grow your TikTok presence to improve conversions and generate more qualified sales.  

9.   Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion with industry experts, influencers, and other creators can bring you more followers. You can allow your target users to understand that you are available on TikTok by repurposing your TikTok content and cross-promoting it on other social media or online platforms.

Moreover, you can save and upload real TikTok videos like the TikTok watermark for YouTube shorts, Instagram feed videos, and Twitter. Remember, you can’t monetize that video on your YouTube channel if the watermark is available. Just like YouTube, Instagram reels also don’t allow watermarked videos.

As a solution to watermark restrictions, you can purchase video editing services to seamlessly edit the watermark out. Or you can generate the video outside of TikTok and post the original video to all other platforms.

10.   Engage in TikTok challenges.

Participating in branded hashtag challenges is the ultimate method to get user-generated content with your relevant hashtag in it. Launching the challenge strategically on other advertising channels and social media platforms will allow your challenge to get quick momentum. Hashtag challenge videos involve the use of hashtags that you define for a particular challenge.

You can take the help of your leading and supporting influencers to launch a successful hashtag challenge. The influencers can leverage their loyal followers to improve your campaign success. Buy influencer marketing services to get influencers on board without putting in more effort.

Analyze outcomes to drive crucial insights.

Gain comprehensive and deeper insights into what works effectively for your brand by analyzing your results. The reason is that no specific strategy can achieve the desired growth on the platform. Using analytics tools, you can frequently analyze your profile’s most significant social media metrics and what type of content best engages with the audience. After getting detailed insight, you can determine which type of content you need to leverage to improve your follower count. So, track analytics of all platforms. 

Charlene Rhinehart

Charlene Rhinehart walked a non-traditional path as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and became a corporate pageant queen, career blogging professional, and world traveler who motivates millennials to create career success and a lifestyle they love through The Career Goddess Academy. She won the title of Ms. Corporate America 2015 in a national pageant held in Orlando, Fl and is available to share experiences about career mistakes, networking best practices as an introvert, interviewing, career advancement, certification motivation, diversity & inclusion practices, and women winning in the workplace. Charlene has written for The Huffington Post,,, Toastmasters International, Career Goddess Academy, and several other publications.